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[bug] killing is my business, and business is good

2016-05-02 21:51:48

that's a lot of packs

2016-05-03 20:09:06


2016-05-03 20:09:43

you WOULD stream on a primary night ;) hah. Huzzah for DkS3 :D

2016-05-04 08:53:24

I've been waiting for you to stream Dark Souls III for a while, and of course you do it when I leave on vacation! Just my luck! XD

2016-05-23 20:07:45

lol such an interesting choice of words

2016-05-23 20:08:28

u r a trikster zed

2016-05-23 20:13:37

sadly no, stuck here for another 3 hours

2016-05-23 20:19:53


2016-06-10 18:25:28

get um Z!!! Can't watch tonight but go show those demons who's boss!

2016-06-10 18:26:06


2016-06-28 14:53:49


2016-06-28 21:46:29

zisteau where dat supah hostile online???

2016-06-29 13:31:13


2016-06-30 18:53:47

DOO WEE OOOpic.twitter.com/auccu3PNiV

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