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FriendshipMoose run #195 - 5/4 - 11PM EDT - 1941 moose free!

2016-04-30 11:55:52

please tell me how to join in on your moose runs! Playing a nelf Druid on Nagrand (oceanic) :))

2016-04-30 22:43:26

I'm guessing it's too late to join now... *cry*

2016-05-01 19:16:07

I need the moose how do I get in on this fantastic opportunity?

2016-05-02 22:38:24

Going live with #FriendshipMoose run #192 on http://twitch.tv/zelse007 . 81 moose away from 2k moose for free for the community!

2016-05-03 10:38:21

There is a FAQ on http://twitch.tv/zelse007  and on http://friendshipmoose.com . Let me know if anything is unclear :).

2016-05-04 00:21:03

Any chance I can join the fun and get a moose? Mok'Nathal Alliance USA?

2016-05-04 07:16:50

Myself anda friend woul like to sign up, Alliance US #FriendshipMoose

2016-05-04 13:48:46

That's incredible! GET ALL THE MOOSEN!

2016-05-04 13:50:33

So glad #FriendshipMoose is still going strong! #MayThe4thBeWithYoupic.twitter.com/5yYzDShtwp

2016-05-04 13:59:17

You can do the thing!!

2016-05-04 14:08:16

Hey I've been trying to get an invite to a run for a couple of weeks. How exactly do you get invited tonight?

2016-05-04 14:10:28

watch the stream, wait for the keyword, type it into chat and pray to the moose overlords that you win

2016-05-04 14:12:16

Oh god, Ill never get a Moose but ill try!

2016-05-04 14:15:28

Keep the faith! Both groups do several runs a night. You're bound to win eventually!

2016-05-04 14:16:55

On top of that, I have a 24 hour runs planned on May 21st, which will get 1000+ their mount.

2016-05-04 14:19:22

I'm homebound very ill with nothing but Wow to do, so hopefully I will! :) Got plenty of time at the moment

2016-05-04 16:25:30

Hey Zelse, how the twitch lottery works?

2016-05-04 16:30:58

I will say a keyword on Twitch and you just have to type it in on Twitch chat. I randomly select people after that.

2016-05-04 16:32:10

its going to be 11 pm est? i live in brazil so its a little late here i think

2016-05-04 16:38:38

I think you're 1 hour ahead, so would be 12 AM your time.

2016-05-04 16:39:46

yup, its alright. ty

2016-05-04 22:33:15

i hope i can get mine one day :) you are truely helping Thank you

2016-05-06 21:07:09

Whose ready for #FriendshipMoose tonight!

2016-05-06 22:28:57

I'm interested just not sure how this works. Just found #Friendshipmoose

2016-05-06 23:02:42

Can I get an invite? rugbypoet#1858 oonorey is the toon. 695 hunter

2016-05-07 16:26:16

Do you have a roster in place yet or is there still room?

2016-05-07 16:28:04

Generally there is always room.

2016-05-07 16:29:25

How does one sign up for these things?

2016-05-07 16:30:34

Coolies, can I join in?

2016-05-07 16:31:04

Same as the moose runs :)

2016-05-07 16:34:10

put me in coach I'm ready to play

2016-05-25 10:36:03

Approaching 3k moose. Good show =)

2016-05-25 12:13:57

So the Alliance side alone has saved the community 77M gold. (Assuming 30K/moose) Thanks #FriendshipMoose!

2016-05-26 22:50:13


2016-05-30 15:19:53

I'll be there this time!! Finally getting in a good place with McCree

2016-05-31 00:09:41

can you please add me to list. Thank you

2016-06-02 19:40:14

Are you planning to do any #FriendshipMoose runs on Fri/Sat/Sun? My lame adult job has me up too early to go on weeknights ;___;

2016-06-02 19:43:13

I will probably do one tomorrow since I wasn't around Wednesday.

2016-06-02 22:51:50


2016-06-02 22:58:47

happy hunting!

2016-06-03 15:00:00


2016-06-03 15:00:52

But you burn too easily :P

2016-06-03 18:34:40

I'm the best

2016-06-03 18:36:38

worst?! Wat!

2016-06-04 04:29:17

someone "inspecting the floor"

2016-06-04 10:06:54


2016-06-05 21:02:27

Yay! PS4 is fixed!

2016-06-08 11:45:53

I should be available to help carry this evening

2016-06-08 12:41:45

US or EU?

2016-06-08 12:55:46


2016-06-12 14:47:24

hi i've just heard about this, i would like to get the moose mount, how can i get an invite?

2016-06-12 14:54:54

Hi There, I would check the FAQ on http://twitch.tv/zelse007  and/or http://friendshipmoose.com  on how to get into the run :)

2016-06-12 23:02:48


2016-06-12 23:26:08

Thanks for having this community. My twitch messed out if i won please invite Yoritomo-Frostmane if i didnt win next tim

2016-06-13 14:49:38

10pm Mountain time? How exactly does the whole thing work? My guild stopeed raiding 4mo ago :(

2016-06-13 14:51:26

It would be 9 PM Mountain (2 hour difference to Eastern). I would check the FAQ on http://friendshipmoose.com  :).

2016-06-13 14:58:22

Cool thank you :)

2016-06-15 14:02:07

"late for some" AKA ;p

2016-06-15 14:12:58

HEY HEY HEY... You're not wrong

2016-06-15 14:13:57

actually not tonight though since I don't work in the morning sopic.twitter.com/1MKi9fRjI0

2016-06-15 14:20:24

Guess who's gonna be AFK?

2016-06-15 14:23:59


2016-06-15 14:25:04

Work time m8. I may be there for the last moose run, I get out of work at 12. Do the sub runs on like saturday ;P

2016-06-15 14:25:57

How dare you have a job and means of income!

2016-06-15 14:26:08

no this too early fam

2016-06-15 14:26:33

SOMEONE'S gotta work these streets!

2016-06-15 14:27:10

Use your phone on the Twitch app!

2016-06-15 14:28:21

oh I thought this was when the moose run started I almost drove to your house and punched you

2016-06-15 14:34:21

That is a long drive. You wouldn't punch me :)

2016-06-15 14:59:38

I should be online to help today. Was sad I missed the 3k run.

2016-06-15 15:42:16

I'm going to have an extremely busy stressful day but if I catch you online later I'll come /wave and see the run! :D

2016-06-15 15:57:16

any ilvl requirements? Or just be 100, and in twitch chat to be picked?

2016-06-15 15:59:29

be alliance, 100, hope RNGesus likes you for the keyword.

2016-06-15 16:00:28

aww hell, RNGesus hates my ass..lol Thanks Dru, guess I know what one doing tonight..

2016-06-15 16:02:21

it's a good time in chat regardless cos we don't put up with jerks. :)

2016-06-15 16:04:54

Jerks are minimal and even if 1 shows up, they're generally shown the door quick.

2016-06-16 02:01:14

*looks at clock* *sees it's 02:00* *changes the 0 to a 1* If it wasn't before, it is now.

2016-06-16 22:52:44

I'd like to drop in sometime, but I work these hours.

2016-06-16 22:53:04

*crosses fingers, sacrifices gnome to Lady RNG*

2016-06-21 15:53:58

Awesome, I'll be there!

2016-06-21 18:19:25

I just heard about your #friendshipmoose from my friend but I don't know how to sign up. I'd be very interested in going. :)

2016-06-21 19:01:16

Hi There, I would check the FAQ on http://twitch.tv/zelse007  and/or http://friendshipmoose.com/faq  on how to get into the run :).

2016-06-21 19:01:58

Thank you!

2016-06-21 21:02:28

Sure hope so! Am figuring out how to be in the right place at the right time.

2016-06-22 16:36:47

Now that McCree is all taken care of, I'll be there and ready to get a Moose :Dhttps://youtu.be/IhlXFPzyfoY 

2016-06-22 20:41:38

it definitely was high noon too many times somewhere in the world :P

2016-06-22 21:32:11

Could I get into the moose runs please!?!

2016-06-22 22:03:41

hoping to get in tonight! 57 mins and counting lol. #FriendshipMoose

2016-06-23 15:34:04

that's late for me. any plans to do earlier runs in the future?

2016-06-23 15:38:47

Weekends I sometimes run them earlier.

2016-06-23 16:00:07

awesome. Ill be on the lookout

2016-06-23 16:29:43

I heard about #FriendshipMoose months ago, I need to get in on this before it's too late!

2016-06-26 17:23:10

sadly I will not be joining this meetup as I'm currently seeing Warcraft

2016-06-26 18:35:19

How did I not know about this? Bummer!

2016-06-26 18:42:59

I'm bummed I couldn't make it today

2016-06-26 21:21:45

don't you know game of thrones is on lol jk jk

2016-06-26 21:24:42

Game of who!?

2016-06-26 21:48:21

will I still be able to join? I had to go out so I'm getting home late :/

2016-06-27 00:48:31

Thanks and #FriendshipMoose for the run! Happy times!pic.twitter.com/lTzjJhJzz8

2016-06-27 08:03:04

I am gonna try so hard to be up tonight to try. *fingers and everything else crossed* : ) Hope, hope, hope... : )

2016-06-27 13:10:53

a great job you and your team are doing. Thanks.....

2016-06-27 13:11:45

hoping to get into one soon. Very good job u and your team.

2016-06-27 17:45:39

you can do it!! I believe in you!!

2016-06-29 14:08:39

How do I get in?

2016-06-29 14:10:07

Hi There, I would check the FAQ on http://twitch.tv/zelse007  and/or http://friendshipmoose.com  on how to get into the run :).

2016-06-29 14:12:05

I can't wait! I just got my ring yesterday also, and if I got my moose, it'd be awesome

2016-06-29 14:34:35

same time or earlier start?

2016-06-29 18:03:58

11 PM EDT like normal?

2016-06-29 19:14:10


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