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Don't Starve with Stephanie and Lindsey

2016-05-02 23:55:06

#valendor #notallberries #dnd #critters

2016-05-03 18:06:54

Can't. Will be sleeping

2016-05-03 18:08:13

Who needs sleep? lol

2016-05-03 18:08:35

me when I have to deal with 30 kids all day. You only have 1

2016-05-03 18:10:32

lol there's 2 of them! Not all day...but there are 2 thank you very much!

2016-05-03 18:43:28

What class is King playing?

2016-05-03 18:46:06

lol he plays a home brewed class that's part distraction and part interruption lol

2016-05-27 17:32:33

"Clancy, Clancy full of Necromancy, How does your Clancy grow? With lesser Soul Shards & slain guards, Following in a row".

2016-06-04 21:36:39

Live and done with character creation! We are getting into the story now!

2016-06-10 21:13:31

Well that was quick. bards Tale will not be continuing on Thats the problem with doing a blind run of a game I guess.

2016-06-10 21:22:09

what happened?

2016-06-10 21:24:02

Just wasn't the tone of game wants to showcase is all.

2016-06-18 12:12:22

Snig joined the Bolgrim bloodline team in my Darkest Dungeon playthrough He plays the part of a plague doctor.

2016-06-18 12:22:54

woohoo! Snig rules all!

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