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2016-05-04 06:55:42

yes pls

2016-05-04 08:43:34

let's hope it doesn't go all tits up

2016-05-04 08:47:04

missing because of finals

2016-05-04 10:49:07

audio still sounds quite is it fixed yet ????

2016-06-03 05:21:37

I will be there

2016-06-03 05:24:59

Overwatch huh? Gonna have to try and shirk some work for this one.

2016-06-03 05:44:36

I always miss your streams! There is much woe because of this! Hope you're feeling better and have fun!

2016-06-03 05:51:04

I agree. Hannah streams are best streams =( GET BETTER SOON HANNAH <3 <3 <3 <3pic.twitter.com/dpwytukhdA

2016-06-03 06:36:53

aw balls, con-flu get you too?

2016-06-03 06:36:53

How is everyone ill :( Hope you get better soon! See you there.

2016-06-03 06:47:12

yup! It was inevitable! Mainly my throat/glands and a sore eye, wearing my glasses which is just WEIRD.

2016-06-03 06:58:13

Bollocks. Fight that flu girl, glasses or not!

2016-06-03 08:30:38


2016-06-03 08:31:41

im having a difficult time choosing whether or not to bug you to jump in and ruin everything or just watch on the stream

2016-06-03 08:33:25

im going to town and plan to pick it up if you're up for a game tonight? After I learn to play it of course lol

2016-06-03 08:34:49

maybe depends if my internet is working tonight

2016-06-03 08:36:13

damn, Virgin still being crap? That's a shame, idk how I would cope with that. Hope it gets better for you

2016-06-03 10:52:25

can't banned

2016-06-03 10:52:32

what console

2016-06-03 11:25:02

I got to join in, best stream ever!!!

2016-06-03 12:22:37

oh man so wanna join lol

2016-06-08 12:44:58

if you’re going once I finished editing I surely will

2016-06-08 12:45:55

Sorry waiting for Lokey games, he is a friend and I'm moderator for him

2016-06-08 12:50:53

how do I use/log in to twitch?! Not at work for once when you're streaming :D

2016-06-10 08:57:10

nice!! This is what I needed today :D

2016-06-10 09:17:43

I would love to, but at school studying for my #BOA. Maybe next time.

2016-06-10 11:06:38


2016-06-10 11:17:35

home just in time *sips tea* aaaa

2016-06-20 10:19:39

on my way!

2016-06-20 10:49:59

Very meta...

2016-06-20 11:25:53

oh totally watching the vod of this when i get home!

2016-06-21 12:27:21

god bless

2016-06-21 12:27:33

I'll be there soon!

2016-06-21 12:28:26

only if you give me mod so i can look important

2016-06-21 12:29:12

This is your video. If you want a happy little edit, you just add one #BobRossEditing

2016-06-24 08:06:17


2016-06-24 08:08:31

I'm off back to work so missing this one. Have a great stream.

2016-06-24 08:24:42

the pound is FALLING

2016-06-24 10:11:30

#thanks for sharing about Twitch, have a great Friday :) (Want this? It's FREE! https://bit.ly/thankyou69 )

2016-06-24 10:41:36


2016-06-24 10:42:18

What Doom or the UK right now?

2016-06-24 10:42:43

You're streaming from London? ...Wait, sorry, wrong hellhole.

2016-06-24 10:43:21

the uk in general

2016-06-24 10:44:42

you rewatching remained propaganda agaon

2016-06-24 10:58:11

If Doom is truly Doom, then surely the doom marine is heading to his doom? Plot twist.

2016-06-24 11:11:28

wish it was a game where u get to shoot Farage charactors

2016-06-28 10:14:16

wish I could but im at work.

2016-06-28 10:36:42

Just Got In Les Do This Ting

2016-06-28 10:57:41

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlaY3s1pOY … Please take down the the Gnome

2016-06-28 10:59:15

oh man I've got an hour revision session n i wont be back home til like, 5, so imma miss it have fun tho!!!!

2016-06-28 11:01:10

Anti-hate crime charities ;)

2016-06-28 11:01:15

hate crime charities or charities against hate crime ;)

2016-06-28 12:26:21

What charity is it for?

2016-06-28 12:31:07

no money sry

2016-06-29 09:44:44

good luck :D

2016-06-29 10:01:09

hi Hannah. Can't watch right now but is there a link to somewhere to donate? Xxx

2016-06-29 10:02:37

hate crimes like this? http://www.therebel.media/shock_video_i_was_attacked_by_anti_fascist_thugs_in_london …

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