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[PS4] Kansas City caster plays Warframe! #thechillzone #ccg

2016-05-25 00:44:32

Hey bud, hope you are doing great, i should of met him at comic con

2016-05-25 00:45:35

Fuck, ya man you should've. were you there?

2016-05-25 12:40:27

Lawl, yeah i walked by the booth a few times

2016-05-26 00:26:42

there ya go!! Iron!! LaB Derp!!

2016-05-26 08:14:53

you guys gonna play Banner on Xbox tonight that way I can join in? lol

2016-06-17 20:21:24

mind if I join later?

2016-06-19 00:49:25

*runs to twitch*

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