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WriterRem's Live PS4 Broadcast

2016-04-30 21:19:43

"I went to that school." "I kissed my first girlfriend here." "Knew a guy worked there, was a jerk." "Shaun would've attended that school."

2016-04-30 21:20:41

It would add to the line count horribly & be quite expensive, but it'd flesh out the world, really make it seem like the player lived there.

2016-04-30 21:21:18

Eh, me rambling again about VO and favorite games.

2016-04-30 21:41:12

don't stop, that's awesome. And someday I'll try Fallout version whatever. Coworkers talk about it a lot.

2016-04-30 21:42:33

It's one of my special interests. I've put 250+ hours into F4, & 500+ into F3 & F:NV so far.

2016-04-30 21:52:09

I hear it's good. Oddly I have a very short attention span when it comes to gaming. But I still wanna try Fallout.

2016-04-30 22:00:47

I really like the storytelling and the way you can kinda lose yourself in exploring the world.

2016-04-30 22:01:25

yeah, I love that. I definitely need to give it a go.

2016-04-30 22:05:07

The PC versions of Fallout 3 and New Vegas friendly go on sale on Steam. Fallout 4 is newer, so not as many sales yet.

2016-04-30 22:37:26

trying out fallout shelter on my phone...

2016-05-29 01:34:02


2016-05-29 01:35:37

Broadcast dropped, am back on.

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