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Super Plat Rushdown Sim

2016-05-02 20:51:49

lets do this!

2016-05-24 23:09:40

Yes! Worried you were going to stop streaming all together

2016-05-31 19:42:42


2016-06-01 16:11:32

early strim best strim SeemsGood

2016-06-02 23:39:46

Who did this?

2016-06-04 00:33:58

give us 2 hrs

2016-06-14 22:15:15

Oh no...

2016-06-14 22:17:08

will you play Battlefield 1 when able to play?

2016-06-15 14:35:13

Fps wit me sometime. Maybe get onboard once I get her a code

2016-06-15 14:36:42

in the meantime I'm no help, I just Diablo :v

2016-06-15 22:04:05

hahaha, so it was your mic??

2016-06-15 22:17:28

nooope i think you probably had ingame voicechat disabled :O

2016-06-15 22:18:44

lol probably.. My settings always change..

2016-06-15 22:18:54

watching your stream through my ps3. I can't comment though.

2016-06-20 16:25:29

who do you main?

2016-06-20 16:28:12

Even trolling looks professional in Overwatch.

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