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Modded RimWorld: Alpha 13 - Colony 10: Long Live #10

2016-04-30 16:29:47

hey skip the walking part and just stream while eating! I'm finding youtube more boring than you atm!

2016-04-30 17:29:08

bug him for the both of us as i'll be at work......

2016-04-30 17:29:54

well I'm still in a shitty mood from my pc, so thats very much easy to do. He makes for good stress relief.

2016-04-30 17:39:53

Did you not get it working?

2016-04-30 17:41:17

nope, so i've ordered new hdd, gfx, ram, and sata cables. all cheap, but even so i'll have (cont)

2016-04-30 17:41:43

litterally replaced everything except fans and cd drive.

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