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training mode

2016-05-01 05:14:31

just spent 8 hours enduring that, learned the hard way that vakiha pays dearly for the ridiculous mobility

2016-05-01 05:52:43

Vogue kun if you're getting into melty my dear friend bless ur heart It may be a 10 year old series but its the best, so smooth

2016-05-01 05:54:40

Bought it on Steam and brought it to our locals tonight, like 5-6 people got in on the action. Loving it so far.

2016-05-01 05:56:15

your sc vids got me excited for protoss so this is just repaying the favor

2016-05-01 05:59:04

Man protoss is so easy compared to anime fgs, If only I could keep up perfect macro and have my moves instantly kill people.

2016-05-01 06:06:27

were you interested in any other chars?

2016-05-01 06:09:05

F Nanaya maybe? But I learned that his DP combos (which made me want to play him) are hella tough.

2016-05-01 06:12:12

butterfree plays all moons of nanaya and can give you great advice

2016-05-01 06:15:26

Word, I'll sweat it out a bit more first tho. Still learning basics, I didn't know you can super jump your dj till tonight.

2016-05-01 06:27:10

Melty Blood is total freedom. Nothing is holding you back anymore.

2016-05-01 06:47:21

MB is p.nice about character fluidity, learn one learn all with few exceptions

2016-05-01 06:48:40

can't check it right now cause im out at arcades in osaka but i will review when i get home, admittingly not a v.akiha buff tho

2016-05-01 06:49:03

word ^

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