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UK- @dixieisGaming Hitman Episode 2

2016-05-01 05:26:47

2016-05-01 10:49:30

Don't forget to highlight the stream :P You better put it up for past broadcasts :P

2016-05-01 10:51:07

we saved the replay for youtube

2016-05-01 10:57:40

Lavly Jabbly!

2016-05-01 12:18:33

2016-05-07 18:11:24

sorry guys, been out for the count today. Hope the stream went wwell! XD

2016-05-07 18:13:17

hey no problem, it went ok started acting weird and video lagged though. So not great hopefully get it fixed soon.

2016-05-07 18:14:57

#BlameSean then right ;) Will you be streaming again later/tomorrow?

2016-05-07 18:15:45

should be make use of the last day of the open beta for over watch

2016-05-07 18:16:19

nice one :) I'll keep an eye out

2016-05-07 18:17:00

Awesome hope to see you tomorrow!

2016-05-07 18:17:56

:) me too, only woke up an hour ago lol XD

2016-05-07 18:18:21

hahaha I'm going to sleep now

2016-06-08 11:59:40

Help us #SaveDisneyInfinity. Spread the word! 

2016-06-08 12:01:53

finding dory next! :-)

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