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Day 28 of 100 - Moar Starcrafting!

2016-05-01 00:56:17

LOL i feel like i just planted the seed on this

2016-05-01 19:33:01

Insane dedication man! Keep it up!

2016-06-07 21:43:52

you just woke up? Damn

2016-06-08 22:36:34

so much power and sexiness!

2016-06-15 03:42:16

Your a bad influence on me! I might actually Neural Something! lol <3

2016-06-24 20:45:08

ur a nerd

2016-06-24 20:49:36

i may be nerdy enough to 100 day this shit, but 36 hours at once is crazy nerd

2016-06-28 14:05:43

William Shakespeare was zerg player. No doubt about it my dear richard vibe the third !

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