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First Time Dark Souls III! :D (Part 4) - Stream #172

2016-05-04 00:05:46

Thank you so much for your love! :D <3 Hope to hop into your cast soon! :3

2016-05-27 18:32:43

Cant be there 2day but i will be there in spirit keep it awesome man

2016-05-30 14:58:21

sorry, Vez. I have to skip these ones because of the spoilers.

2016-05-30 17:03:48

I understand! Expect either Dark Souls III or Ratchet and Clank in a week or so! <3

2016-05-31 18:01:18

I'm like 2 chapters from the end

2016-05-31 21:50:31

I'd prefer if you stream, though. OpieOP

2016-05-31 22:01:30

so you can not be there Kappa good to see you're back

2016-06-25 18:57:04

Nvm that vezzy i remember my first time i think you are learning faster than me xd

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