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Streaming #art and maybe #smite later

2016-05-04 06:00:49

Playing #Smite now :D

2016-05-31 06:34:48

Maybe later pal. look at this fun game when your out Oracle Oz in google play storepic.twitter.com/Oy0FDHNolc

2016-05-31 07:02:53

#EndlessSuffering B'D. BTW I might stream after lunch, but probably Smite, if you wanna come you are welcome BD

2016-05-31 07:09:07

I'll try to join Le stream! 8D

2016-05-31 10:06:13

im at the supermarket atm 8'D sorry 8'D

2016-05-31 10:09:48

I just finished it anyway, np :)

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