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Cthunstone - Whispers of the Brode.

2016-05-03 13:57:18

damn son mat has games is the homie

2016-05-03 15:02:06

No dodger this week?

2016-05-03 15:02:21

You kicked Jesse out? :O

2016-05-03 15:02:50

I just came home from holidays, dat timing

2016-05-03 15:03:26

aww I like

2016-05-03 15:04:54

Yo, are we seeing any opinions on DoW3's announcement?

2016-05-03 15:06:12

Great intro there, buddy. lol

2016-05-03 15:53:34

but have you seen the Dawn of War 3 trailer though ??? :o As a W40k nerd, I wanna know your opinion :)

2016-05-06 16:48:24

Hey TB, What do you think of Battlefield 1?

2016-05-06 17:24:33

Uh, that would be too late for EEST. Will there be YouTube videos?

2016-05-06 18:51:40

You probably suck at Starcraft if you haven't played in 6 months.

2016-05-06 18:52:49

Good luck. I'm wearing my Bainpool hoodie and have been here waiting for about 3 hours to support you. :)

2016-05-06 18:54:00

House Biscuit-shirt is on, LET'S DO THIS!

2016-05-06 18:56:19

Dreamhack has been awesome so far, I hope you're having a great time.

2016-05-06 21:27:05

are they announcing that they will stop being the worst company in the PC space?

2016-05-06 22:16:19

good games- it was awesome hearing you cast again

2016-05-06 23:06:31

When you inevitably get two 1080s can I have your old cards?

2016-05-07 10:10:44


2016-05-07 13:08:14

Good to see TB casting again. It's been too long. Happy to have you back.

2016-05-07 13:13:51

I created a chat room in the TB twitch chat for non-subs looking for a calmer area to chat. The calm non-sub room.

2016-05-24 12:09:43

get well soon TB

2016-05-24 12:11:44

Long as he joins in eventually, I'm good to watch.

2016-05-24 12:54:38

Is TB badly ATM?

2016-05-24 12:58:34

thanks for sharing John Bain, have a great Tuesday :) (Via ➪  grow followers )

2016-05-24 13:28:41

Noooope. I'll wait for TB. Get well soon.

2016-05-24 14:43:16

Thanks phone for giving me this message 5 minutes ago and missing the whole podcast =/

2016-05-24 14:55:52

If I got a nickel every time these kids say "like" Stay strong,TB. We need you back, bad.

2016-05-24 15:17:07

Don't know but suspect just still has sore diaphragm. Strained it last week laughing too damn hard at Superfight.

2016-05-24 16:21:50

That and early chemo this week because of Momocon this weekend.

2016-05-24 17:26:49

whose channel was it on?

2016-05-28 12:23:50

Yeah ... you dominated in that panel. Literally. Poor left guy :-)

2016-05-28 23:50:43

you and have great chemistry, I would love to see more with you two

2016-05-30 11:47:41


2016-05-30 11:47:47

I can dream that one day will make it onto the Podcast :)

2016-05-30 11:48:40

Looking forward to it ^-^

2016-05-30 11:49:28

Or Now that TB, has forgiven him xD

2016-05-30 11:50:47

Any change you guys are gonna talk a bit about the colorblind issue? Awareness helps! 

2016-05-30 11:51:46

True haha, to be fair any of the old Respawn lot would probably get on pretty well with the cast

2016-05-30 11:56:24

oh god, AND ?! God help us...

2016-05-30 13:14:30

Oh God. This one is gonna be good.

2016-05-30 16:06:49

can someone link his Facebook page?

2016-05-30 20:18:16

not sure if you read these but not sure if anyone else is having this on itunes but huge majority (i assume all) of your-

2016-05-30 20:20:03

and all the same on others too. not sure if anyone else is getting it but if so is something going on like agreement issues-

2016-05-30 20:20:20

or something else?

2016-05-30 20:22:17

checked soundcloud and thats fine so maybe there is some issues with agreement for itune podcast. others i follow are fine but

2016-05-31 03:50:21

thanks for sharing John Bain, have a great Tuesday :) Grow followers ➪ 

2016-05-31 06:09:43

same situation for me any luck? iTunes really doesn't like your podcast aha

2016-05-31 15:08:26

if you are the first to tweet it out, something must have gone terribly wrong ;)

2016-05-31 15:11:07


2016-05-31 15:13:34

I hope you're feeling better John.

2016-05-31 16:44:49

Good bit on RuneScape Legends - fun free-2-play with a good mix of diverse mechanics.

2016-05-31 23:53:53

okay so it's back to normal. We can listen to all podcasts and audio vlogs again.

2016-06-01 06:30:52

more info - …

2016-06-01 14:02:25

dang to bad I'm at work. Have a grand day sir!

2016-06-01 14:06:46

Excellent idea! Keep it going!

2016-06-03 13:27:51

It's good. Have fun

2016-06-03 13:34:27

The game that was only "fathomable" back in the early to mid 00s? I pray for your sanity TB.

2016-06-03 13:39:53

Any plans on also trying out ? Its a really neat game.

2016-06-03 14:37:03

uhh, yeah, it's a card game spin-off entirely separate from the main game

2016-06-05 12:18:29

Who's Jesse? Isn't that the guy that used to do these back in the day?

2016-06-05 12:21:36

Fuck yeah! been waiting for you guys to play that sort of game on the lounge. the next one on the list are ticket to ride :p

2016-06-05 13:00:24

no ?

2016-06-05 13:01:24

um strimmer, it's not wowcrendor

2016-06-05 13:34:25

did you ever do a WTF is... on this? It's such a great game, and it deserves more media attention.

2016-06-05 15:08:08

you should totally follow this up with some at some point!

2016-06-05 15:13:01

hi, plz if possible plz bring back "secret hitler"

2016-06-06 02:35:51

TBH this games is good. Love the animation tho when player is moving and the fighting animation.

2016-06-06 07:05:16 

2016-06-06 07:07:13

Yeh I'll be asleep by then. So I will miss it. Oh well.

2016-06-06 07:07:51

Jesus, He is still doing it. TB who made Retarded Horse, would laugh at this shameful display.

2016-06-06 07:08:48

Just for clarification I am talkin about the lootcrates thing.

2016-06-06 07:13:29

I can't wait to listen to him complain and blame the game. Old TB would laugh at this shameful display.

2016-06-06 07:25:34


2016-06-06 12:55:56

I of course endorse 's suggestion ;)

2016-06-06 14:00:10

T Ttrd. Vrddfvd

2016-06-06 14:23:43

oh boy, 5 hours you say. Lucky for you im well trained in the art of 'waiting'. I once watched gloss paint dry; hardcore.

2016-06-07 13:26:01

can't wait

2016-06-07 13:26:27


2016-06-07 13:28:39

so... EDT - 1 ?

2016-06-07 13:29:21

Could you have angryjoe as a guest?

2016-06-07 13:30:28

Would be nice to see new guests in the future though Force is a good guest

2016-06-07 13:32:37

just write how many hours from this tweet podcast is happening.

2016-06-07 13:52:08

Hooray force

2016-06-07 14:25:35

on my way home now

2016-06-07 15:33:24

yay! The Cox has been found! I repeat: The Cox has been found!

2016-06-07 15:35:40

You're alive!

2016-06-07 15:36:57

Jesse "Sleeping In" Cox

2016-06-07 15:37:02

The Co-optional podcast with Jesse Cox? I hear that guy is pretty famous! I'll definitely tune in!

2016-06-12 14:57:05

I know I'm going to. Could use the pick-me-up after events of the day.

2016-06-12 14:57:08

Can't wait!

2016-06-12 14:57:12

Wife and I eagerly awaiting it. Kiddo asleep, popcorn popped, icecream ready.

2016-06-12 14:58:36

Definitely. :)

2016-06-12 14:58:51

I will! Except for most of Sony's as I have tickets to see the Zelda Symphony Orchestra

2016-06-12 14:59:05

so many people to watch NotLikeThis

2016-06-12 14:59:14

planning on it but listen to you guys snark and watching the eurocup will be interesting

2016-06-12 14:59:15

I am really happy I now have so many different ways to watch those press conferences a few years ago there was none.

2016-06-12 15:00:56

already waiting in stream

2016-06-12 15:01:53

Im sorry! #NALCS is streaming :(

2016-06-12 15:05:37

You lied to us (sort of), it starts on 9pm GMT not 8PM :p

2016-06-12 15:05:59

tuning in for bethesda. Don’t give a crap about ea

2016-06-12 15:07:26

I'll be there!

2016-06-12 15:22:30

I am at work, but will attempt to watch it...because i enjoy the snark feast that i assume will happen

2016-06-12 15:57:37

Sadly, I have to miss the conferences I'm looking forward to for various reasons, freak out over Persona 5 for me

2016-06-12 15:58:56

watching as well as watching gamespots coverage while playing pokemon while on twitter... yay multitasking.

2016-06-12 22:02:47

New workshop DLC available tonight calling it

2016-06-12 22:03:04

it was already leaked on xbox

2016-06-12 22:53:49

So, that picture kind of lacked visual context ... Anyway, #XPLAYREUNITED?:  not via : 

2016-06-12 23:20:32

Cheers to a great time: & 's #E32016 #Snarkathon! :D  not via

2016-06-13 12:06:51

hell yeah

2016-06-13 16:10:27

yes it is

2016-06-13 16:11:12

Yeah, it's a lot better than without him :)

2016-06-13 16:15:03

im afraid #ghostrecon is the division1.5 remember division And the gameplay. Remember your #division review?hope im wrong

2016-06-13 16:18:27

i so want to see his #UbiE3 snark when I get home

2016-06-13 16:48:20

And he's doing an awesome job at it! :-)

2016-06-13 16:48:33

So fucking good lol.

2016-06-13 16:49:57

that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

2016-06-14 01:31:44


2016-06-14 01:35:34

who is going to be on?

2016-06-14 07:35:26

were are you

2016-06-14 07:35:49


2016-06-14 07:35:55

over there

2016-06-14 08:43:38

is it possible to get countdowns on the ne subreddit for the podcast as well? I hate time zones D:

2016-06-14 15:02:59

ooooo nice guest list there

2016-06-14 15:03:03

FINALLY!!!!!!! Now to catch up on 3 months worth of podcasts so I can watch this one

2016-06-14 15:03:42

yay genna podcast :D

2016-06-14 15:06:08

Nice compromise: no Genna for the Sony conference, but we get her for Co-Optional!

2016-06-14 15:06:41

Oh my, you're on it too! Awesome!

2016-06-14 15:32:50

It's nice to see you on the podcast, Genna. If I am not mistaken, it's your first time?

2016-06-14 15:39:20

Nooo!!! You're finally going to be on the podcast and I'm not home!! Cry ;-; I want to be in chat and squee like a fangirl!

2016-06-14 15:40:57

I started watching it but am now watch antman instead

2016-06-14 16:00:00

I'll squee a bit on your behalf.

2016-06-14 16:08:39

You had me until Dan. Gonna have to pass on this one

2016-06-14 16:09:04

aww thank you!!

2016-06-14 16:16:29

You're welcome. I always squee a bit anyway when Genna's on. :)

2016-06-14 16:25:53


2016-06-14 16:33:50

2 of my most favorite youtubers on the same screen, again?! Btw your thoughts about FUPA and h3h3

2016-06-14 18:10:54

"God of Thor" Dammit Dan. FailFish

2016-06-14 20:50:41

throw jim sterling in there it would be an awesome trio

2016-06-15 02:00:28

TB's a misogynistic pile of dogshit who thinks the death threats a woman receives aren't valid because she's "still alive".

2016-06-21 12:50:17

is that the guy who Dunkey beat in Smash I'm original

2016-06-21 16:25:43

so far, one of the funniest guests :)

2016-06-21 16:25:56

easily best guest since Xavier Woods

2016-06-21 16:26:10

#BiscuitBear has to stay, right? :)

2016-06-21 16:26:49

chill knowing you're probably one of the best guests ever :)

2016-06-21 16:27:07

You are doing spectacularly.

2016-06-21 16:27:11

Sky, you're killing it, best guest in a long time

2016-06-21 16:28:17

You're great. AND you gave birth to Biscuit-bear. That will never die

2016-06-21 16:30:59

I don't think I've ever seen Sky as happy as when he found out about cat dentists

2016-06-21 16:46:52

BiscuitBear XD

2016-06-21 16:47:21

you're killing it on there man! I'm in tears from laughing :')

2016-06-21 16:48:39

Watching this was a good idea, except i'm crying.. and laughing and TRYING to breathe xD

2016-06-21 16:49:43

There have been a lot of people who derail the topic, but Sky, you're the best so far no lie

2016-06-21 17:03:04

Will you not let anyone talk like that time with IHE and grade A under A . lol

2016-06-21 17:03:40

considering they were asking only me questions, i didn't have a choice buster.

2016-06-21 17:04:35

I know just teasing. I still love you home boy.

2016-06-21 18:11:58

if i wanted to know what total biscuit was doing i'd be following total biscuit.

2016-06-21 18:22:43

You are a glorious man and I loved the podcast today, you did great :D

2016-06-21 19:57:17

Wanted to watch the Vod but its for subscribers only

2016-06-21 20:01:09

VOD will most likely be on 's YouTube channel in a couple of days.

2016-06-21 20:47:59

Ty <3

2016-06-21 21:10:27

you got to meet the doogggsssss ahhhh !!!

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