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2016-05-03 19:04:02

depends what kinda burrito. What u eating before i open twitch lol :p

2016-05-03 19:15:30

but do u have white queso is the real?

2016-05-24 19:17:57

better Buy Last Blade 2 lol

2016-05-24 19:18:55

the picture looks like you are about to start the breakdown and a circle pit

2016-05-24 19:19:26

Alright Joe, only because it's PS1 though.

2016-05-24 19:35:55

The SNES one was JP only I believe.

2016-05-24 19:45:30

the snes version is #flames

2016-05-24 19:45:31

yup super famicom only.

2016-05-25 08:25:47

I'm pissed I missed this. My bestie and I were scared stupid playing this (psx) when we were growing up. I hope past casts r up

2016-05-25 08:45:06

hahaha great game!!!!

2016-06-27 20:44:16


2016-06-27 20:47:11

can we talk about the glimpse of Urien too?

2016-06-27 20:49:43

so are you going to stream or what

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