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Strim 100!! ~ Random Games Night! ~ Some Steam Gift Cards floating around!

2016-05-05 04:50:29

how did the stream go? I couldn't make it did you do karaoke?

2016-05-05 07:35:14

yeah sorry buddy mised it also . had a date with an all u can eat chinese place unexpectedly :( !enter

2016-05-05 09:15:48

Nope, im saving that one! ;) But yeah it was sweet! Sorry you missed it :(

2016-05-05 14:05:50

assuming the after effects of this date are the real reason you can't stream today ;)

2016-05-05 14:08:58

no headset. it went back to be fixed but did fix my chair using some beer cans and tape .

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