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Untitled Broadcast

2016-04-29 01:04:54

Streaming the binding of Isaac again #twitch #thebindingofisaac

2016-05-01 02:35:59

I am sorry I don't seem to understand what your doing its just a retweet

2016-05-01 02:36:37

of some one retweeting if your showing me how they R helping me thank you I do like when people

2016-05-01 02:36:46

retweet my things

2016-05-01 02:39:09

you are welcome. We retweeted to help you spread the word.

2016-05-01 02:41:52

ah thanks that's what I figured sorry still not used to the way this works thanks again

2016-05-01 02:46:25

no worries glad we can help

2016-05-01 03:28:12

I saw things wrong duuuurp Sry :-(

2016-05-01 04:00:35

what did you think you saw

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