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PS4: Beers and chill pvp

2016-05-07 13:11:12

I'm about 95% nude & I just want to wish you, tiddly, a FABULOUS birthday. Also, I'll follow you because Lulu.

2016-05-07 14:14:03

lol you are low key my new favorite person

2016-05-07 14:27:22

thanks for the amazing shoutout!

2016-05-07 14:33:59

Right on! *fist bump* If you're attending #TwitchCon2016 it'll be an honor to meet with you & EVERYONE! YAY!

2016-05-07 15:38:14

no prob tiddly! hope the stream went amazing after i left, have an amazing birthday!

2016-05-27 20:17:35

Never change!

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