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[ENG]The Best Seven Fingered Gamer! Positivity!

2016-05-06 16:37:40

this is what streaming is about #support

2016-05-29 14:06:32

wait.. what?! Last stream?!

2016-05-29 14:08:53

I am leaving for 2 weeks starting tomorrow xD

2016-05-30 00:58:48

oh, so you're coming back, right? I've been pretty busy unable to catch anything :(

2016-05-30 00:59:22

yea I'll be back on the 11th!

2016-05-30 01:00:00

fly or drive safe! See ya then!

2016-05-30 01:00:36

I fly in like 7 hours lol

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