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PSO2 EQ now, Arslan Musou later!

2016-05-03 02:12:18

I always forget that I stream at Hitbox on top of Twitch and Youtube But no one is on Hitbox anyways so it's like I didn't stream on Hitbox

2016-05-03 02:37:20

Your chat was "interesting" tonight.

2016-05-03 02:40:17

what huh why

2016-05-03 02:41:13

Random trolls.

2016-05-03 02:43:37

Haven't gotten one of those in forever. It's always fun to step on idiots like that.

2016-05-03 02:45:25

That other random dude attacked me for explaining why the game isn't on Xbox. Surprised you answer those questions.

2016-05-03 02:49:18

if he wanted it in english, that wasn't a human being

2016-05-03 02:50:39

You should have a bot command for those questions. If that doesn't help them, they're not worth the time.

2016-05-03 02:51:56

I don't like a bot for that stuff but i'll think about it

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