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THAIGER UPPERCUT 2016 DAY 2 - SFV POOLS-Top16 #tgu2016

2016-05-07 14:35:59

you're playing Laura?

2016-05-07 14:36:42

i thought everyone knew already lol

2016-05-07 14:38:14

did you beat gamerbee in pools?

2016-05-07 14:39:03

yeah ! I will have to face my buddy Chris Wong from HK tmr in top 16 winners

2016-05-07 14:39:50

good job!! I hate the necalli MU

2016-05-07 14:51:51

i got lucky most of my reads worked and he got effed by the meaty cr.MK that beats DPs at least twice

2016-05-07 14:52:41

after back throw? Cr mk meaty?

2016-05-07 14:53:31

nah its a bit too far. Mostly after elbow MP to K follow up. Just watch how I played, you'll see that happen a lot lol

2016-05-07 14:55:08

cool with watch! Also after back throw you can walk a little forward and cr mk, DP whiffs and he can't jump (only backdash)

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