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Playing Portal 2 with Thef!

2016-05-06 22:58:09

You only streamed for 5 minutes?

2016-05-07 08:01:12

I was super tired

2016-05-07 09:29:01

Will you be streaming today?

2016-05-07 09:29:22


2016-05-07 09:30:14

Hahaha, okay. Yay! And any game you like!

2016-05-07 09:30:56

Alright alright. Ive been having trouble with OBS lately but this shouldddd work. Expect a stream restart though

2016-05-07 09:32:30

Sure. I will be there in about 10 - 15 minutes. I have to walk this goober first. pic.twitter.com/eDs66JPhJ0

2016-05-07 09:32:49

Have fun!

2016-06-03 11:20:37

do you still want this code cuz I'm about to leave for New York

2016-06-03 11:21:11

summer vacation started today, pm it to me and Ill use it when you want me to

2016-06-03 11:21:41

use it when ever I'll be playing like nonstop overwatch after next week

2016-06-15 19:11:13


2016-06-15 19:11:23

LIES. And I was

2016-06-15 19:12:02

no you were not...

2016-06-15 19:12:23

I was. I played dead by daylight for 5 minutes

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