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CheekiestClown's Live PS4 Broadcast

2016-05-04 18:21:51

Watch me on twitch as I set 86 Talib for 18k and Legends badge for 40k on ps4.

2016-05-04 18:27:46

My pet owl ate the link. Can I have another?

2016-05-25 23:45:42

#OOC too bad it isnt cross platform

2016-05-25 23:46:27

#ooc oh I wish. Just started and love it :D

2016-05-25 23:46:50

#OOC I have it on steam. game is so fun

2016-05-25 23:47:37

#ooc I'm streaming now on twitch :D my guy is a Freeza/android hybrid well my imagination it is LOL

2016-05-25 23:48:34

#OOC haha nice. Saiyan really is the way to go, especially when you unlock SSJ1 and 2

2016-05-25 23:49:29

#ooc hope I unlock some transformations

2016-05-25 23:50:11

#Ooc you will if you do the right things in the right order on the right levels.

2016-05-25 23:54:41

#ooc I got the master I wanted. Vegeta :D got his finisher

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