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Apexx vs Neenkin Deathmatch

2016-05-01 07:59:14

who won?

2016-05-01 13:43:42

i won that one and the next one too. So lets call it a draw ;P

2016-05-01 15:10:48

Lol we kept going and I still won more than you did so plz. Don't worry Chernz, all is right in the world

2016-05-01 15:11:18

you won about 1 more. dont get carried away bitch

2016-05-01 15:11:40

Definitely not

2016-05-01 15:11:55

i promise. dont think i didnt save it all.

2016-05-01 15:12:24

I clearly remember at least having 1-2 more wins than you

2016-05-01 15:15:01

needless to say, he wasnt really better than me. thats all we were finding out. we found out. get outtttt

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