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Culling ZF vs ZF game

2016-04-30 09:57:09

lagi karojo pak haha

2016-04-30 10:00:42

yah, sayang. padahal seru banget ini

2016-06-03 17:11:11

can i have a sword too pls?

2016-06-03 17:17:53

Apprends leurs le français !

2016-06-03 17:29:43

what a neat guy u are

2016-06-25 16:09:13


2016-06-25 16:09:31

You're so boned...

2016-06-25 16:09:56

This could be fun.

2016-06-25 16:10:09

he lives!

2016-06-25 16:27:04

Game is unbalanced if you have an overpowered build as a survivor, but since you guys are new there shouldn't be any issues :D

2016-06-25 16:28:47

Try not to get scared!

2016-06-25 16:50:45

why..why at 4am

2016-06-25 17:20:46

I can already sense a bulshittery episode

2016-06-25 21:22:35

that was amazing man!! This even has the quality of your videos!

2016-06-25 21:54:52

What are your thoughts? Is it fun, is it worth, etc?

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