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!!URFBUND!! - Is it hot in here?

2016-05-01 05:26:37

Blugh I missed it ;A; Did you beat it?

2016-05-01 05:29:23

Yeah, I beat it, but … here's the entire thing. . w . ;

2016-05-01 05:31:00

I cri everytime ;A;

2016-05-01 05:33:05

Aww... WELL, I'm gonna be playing Toby Fox's EB hack next. Probably do that on Wednesday and Thursday, though. I'm off then

2016-05-01 05:33:45

OOOooooo okay! OuO <333

2016-05-01 05:46:59

Yup. Should be fun! XD ... Also, I died at like.. Early Fire Spring dungeon. LOL

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