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Polar Bears Go Pew Pew! COME CHAT

2016-04-30 10:48:31

hey dad

2016-05-01 15:40:34

remember I'm at an event with trigger Devils today! That's why I didn't come by. Miss you guys!

2016-05-04 11:17:25


2016-05-07 11:51:25

cool wish I could play but someone hacked and lost everything everything to play ur in my prayers SFD family love ya all

2016-05-24 11:19:59

I'll try to get back on next time miss my SFD family and friends

2016-05-24 13:38:29

was in the stream today and a chat bot was active in chat, i don't think you are responsible but i thought you should know.

2016-06-01 11:38:24

On my way!

2016-06-01 11:42:32

can't wait

2016-06-05 18:46:59

I went shopping and hung out w my uncles gf! Twitch break for me today! See you tomorrow!

2016-06-06 11:27:05

so ready

2016-06-06 11:38:11

what is it?!? Hope I can hear it luv Chrissyl87124

2016-06-07 15:02:11

Got wrecked. Lol

2016-06-08 11:34:29


2016-06-11 14:05:29

hey when u get a chance mod me on the new channel so I can help the guys over there today.....hope u are having a great day

2016-06-11 18:29:01  is live as we speak so go throhhhh them a follow

2016-06-19 21:45:53

thanks man, happy fathers day to you also

2016-06-22 11:51:06

I tried contacting you about streaming on gaming for dom, if you can please get back to me when you get a chance. Thanks :)

2016-06-23 09:25:22

. What does "get to humping" mean?

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