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Trials Help !raffle for Help // ITSSS LITTTT

2016-05-04 16:03:01

I'm down! Let's go!

2016-05-06 19:38:25

I'm about to make a post about things to do with destiny. If you know anybody that does trials help please let me know who and post twitch.

2016-05-28 22:14:23

Hope to see you guys tonight. GG’s boys!!!!

2016-05-29 00:25:31

Just missed you tonight! Catch you next time!

2016-06-04 19:34:09

hey man let's get a run in tonight I'll be around the stream

2016-06-04 20:19:58

why last stream for a month?

2016-06-04 20:38:49


2016-06-04 21:04:55

awesome! Thought you had already. My bad. Well good luck with the move. When y'all gonna have a baby so you can join dads?:)

2016-06-04 21:27:24

haha a couple years

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