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Tavern Brawllllin'

2016-05-03 00:47:55

I'm online, and not sure how to play you.

2016-05-03 05:42:24

Amazing stream Smooth if you ever get the chance to play Lufia do it you will not regret it.

2016-06-02 22:38:23

I'll be there

2016-06-02 22:39:51

True facts, this was the first game to make me cry. If you cover windfish it may destroy me

2016-06-03 00:59:49

soon in like today or in like another day?

2016-06-03 01:43:33


2016-06-03 14:59:42

2016-06-03 20:03:53

Aw man, my second-favorite Zelda game (after the non-DX version) and I missed it 'cause of my friend's birthday.

2016-06-07 16:56:30

Wah. I am at the dentist

2016-06-07 17:03:00

I wish I could but Twitch doesn't work for me at all. Will you upload it to You Tube Later?

2016-06-07 17:42:59

hope you are still streaming when I get home from work !

2016-06-08 00:42:57

if i had known you were on id have jump on the band wagon

2016-06-08 23:10:43

I had my parents take the Myers Briggs test. My dad, my husband, and myself are all INTJs. My mom is ISFJ.

2016-06-08 23:14:24

I'll be on watching you when you start up!

2016-06-08 23:36:33

you should totally sing Song of the Windfish :)

2016-06-12 01:37:03

glad I checked Twitter before I went to sleep

2016-06-12 01:40:41

great talent, great taste in games, great guy, no wonder my friends and I refer to you as 'Catjesus' (also because kitties)

2016-06-12 01:52:26

I haven't watched your streams since smash 4 on 3ds came out

2016-06-13 00:11:25

that avatar is awesome lol

2016-06-18 01:08:23

that sounds lovely

2016-06-18 01:10:42

One of my favorite Legend of Zelda titles.

2016-06-18 01:27:08

you mean early morning stream !

2016-06-18 02:05:12

2016-06-24 19:32:16


2016-06-24 19:41:32

I wish I could join you but Twitch videos doesn't work for me at all for some reason.

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