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The Griffworth Uglacy - How babby is formed

2016-04-29 22:20:53

Would anyone be willing to play Overwatch w/me during the Beta weekend? Right now, I have no one to play with if I preorder #savearedhead

2016-04-29 23:01:57

2016-04-29 23:04:44

Jeez, don't look so thrilled about it haha

2016-04-29 23:19:58

Preordering gets you in on May 3rd. Open Beta starts May 5th, whether you buy it or not.

2016-04-29 23:24:13

Ohhh really? Well are there any other perks to pre-ordering?

2016-04-29 23:25:08

If you get the Origin's Edition you get some stuff for other Blizzard games

2016-04-29 23:25:35

Is that the $70 one?

2016-04-29 23:33:23

It's $60, but I still kind of wish I had just gotten the normal version.

2016-04-29 23:34:54

Ohhhhh please, you'll make that back in Triscuit tips 4 days into May

2016-04-29 23:42:20

I almost said "cracker tips" but that might have been taken the wrong

2016-04-30 00:22:18

HAHAHAHAHA omg I'm dying Please export that & send it to me!

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