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5K in 26 ✎ LateNightSketch ✍ @kaleidoscopeCG #brosade #traditional #drawing #illustration #charcoal

2016-04-29 21:37:00


2016-05-03 00:11:30

so sorry guess I was a bit late for the news xD

2016-05-03 00:11:44

just when I was about to post a bad luck Brian meme :P

2016-05-03 02:35:25

"Thats your baby? OMG ITS SO CUTE I CANT TAKE IT OMG did it just poop ewwww get it away from me!!" :// 

2016-05-04 02:28:36

Efin love you sista!

2016-05-08 00:02:48

lol you're too awesome thank you for hanging out! lol

2016-05-24 03:29:12

Thank you for the twitter loves ^_^ and for hanging out with the maracas while drawing in the dark corner lol ^_^

2016-05-24 19:07:06

NP! I love coming to hang out in you streams whether I'm drawing or not lol ;w;

2016-05-26 07:36:31

dude you Efin rock! Get some rest or at least try and we will see you next stream ^_^

2016-05-28 01:32:52

he's a great artist and a nice guy

2016-05-28 22:50:28

Round Two

2016-05-31 02:41:10

Congrats on hitting 2k, you deserve it dude! Much love

2016-05-31 06:25:16

Baby Steps, all bout them regulars though! Thank you for being part of it all

2016-05-31 06:27:08

Ali your an absolute doll! my goodness  Lookin forward to them #mustangDrives

2016-05-31 06:28:26

No need to thank me, you're a great guy and I love supporting you whenever I can

2016-05-31 06:29:33

you're wonderful Always remember that, and just breath, its okay to be that awesome ^_^

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