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2016-05-06 21:52:47

enjoy your stream Sarah. I’ll be there tomorrow. not going to miss your unicorn stream

2016-05-29 19:27:37

great idea

2016-05-31 20:29:19

sucks you couldn’t stream as long as you wanted. enjoy your evening dear. see you tomorrow

2016-06-01 22:14:40

thank you for making me a mod. wasn’t expecting that at all. enjoy your stream and have a good night dear

2016-06-01 23:06:02

you have r2d2 as a text tone too?!

2016-06-02 00:45:35

that's my email tone :)

2016-06-03 23:50:04

have a good night my dear . safe travels and all the best to your dad

2016-06-03 23:50:26

stream when you’re able to.

2016-06-07 20:38:43

don’t forget to add me back on snapchat. same as my twitter

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