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honey i

2016-05-03 21:13:53

wow lost my skins

2016-05-24 21:25:24

have a great stream, will stop by in a little bit!

2016-05-24 21:41:46

you're just a resident sleeper with your sleepy title all the time lol

2016-05-26 21:44:10

get in here before I murder

2016-06-05 20:17:27


2016-06-06 16:13:47


2016-06-07 22:27:36

am I invited

2016-06-08 22:27:50

twitch headers are broken, i am NOT in atlanta LOL

2016-06-17 20:36:15

how did you do? I have that on my wish list and probably will pick it up if it goes on steam summer sale.

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