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I think you want a slice

2016-05-03 19:28:31

Lies! You are not online!

2016-05-03 19:34:04

I know. The Internet situation is killing me

2016-05-05 14:37:04

do you stream 2day want to use my new command

2016-05-05 14:41:54

i'm getting on now! hopefullly the problem is fixed

2016-05-05 14:44:03

ibreally have to make a new twitter

2016-06-01 16:20:54

what if I told you... I'm already there?

2016-06-10 12:47:14

I'll be there in a bit, gotta run to the store soon before they close. :D

2016-06-11 07:47:05

Haha, uhm, about that... The power went out like 3 times yesterday, including during your stream, so I went to bed.. Oops

2016-06-15 13:08:32

Just going to eat first, and then, this time I WILL be there! :D

2016-06-20 14:06:15

Be there in a bit, mate!

2016-06-23 16:54:08

Hey, that's Magic Mike!

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