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We're all mad here...

2016-05-01 23:30:19

sorry i missed out :(

2016-05-01 23:31:09

it's okay Oshi we missed you

2016-05-01 23:32:46


2016-05-02 20:56:30

You're streaming this game? Are you MAD? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2016-05-03 18:42:44

I've always wanted to play that.

2016-06-28 15:15:06

gthajklgha;gha;h HYPE! yes! I'll be there for sure. :D

2016-06-28 15:26:32

*calms down slightly to ask a coherent question* So what time do you think you'll be starting tomorrow? :3

2016-06-28 15:30:00

early afternoon till around tea time :)

2016-06-28 15:31:27

Awesome. Can't wait. *resumes natural levels of hype and starts babbling nonsense*

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