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[RS3] Mod Shauny's Boss Pet Parade!

2016-05-04 04:35:17

Do u like camels? #GMG

2016-05-24 09:48:41

awesome, it's an artist right?

2016-05-24 09:49:30


2016-05-24 09:52:20

yay :) would kill for another engine guy, a rare species to find

2016-05-24 09:58:41

hope their Twitter has been made in advance. Don't want anymore fake Jmod Twitter accounts!

2016-05-24 13:36:21

Yes I just got discharged. Ill be there, muhahhaha

2016-05-24 14:10:33

is it

2016-05-24 16:00:47


2016-05-24 16:01:03

was a good quest :3

2016-05-24 16:01:33

needed to reload, my bad :(

2016-05-25 15:26:54

Haha ignore my last tweet, ty guys

2016-05-25 15:29:24

. is everyone ready for some panic buying/selling?

2016-05-25 15:30:47

I read this as making 1,000 demonic thrones by accident and got excited

2016-05-25 15:31:28

lmao that would be a great stream

2016-05-25 15:36:00

hi, will there be an update tomorrow?

2016-05-25 15:50:52

i am guessing 1/128 for any of the items.

2016-05-27 13:12:36

Can't wait for it!

2016-05-28 01:33:03

Yak scythe.

2016-05-28 01:36:00

For those of us who are "Timezone Challenged", will the override be available for those who rewatch the stream later?

2016-05-28 01:37:28

you will have the whole of the #RSSummerSummit , plus maybe a day or two longer. So yes.

2016-05-28 01:42:59


2016-05-28 01:47:27

I will be watching. Can't wait to see your big face on cam again! :)

2016-05-28 02:00:09

damn work making me miss this and the override

2016-05-28 03:15:54

dude I have a job :(

2016-05-28 03:59:02

how long do i have to watch for to get the over ride, its 2am here and i dont want to be up a whole lot later than that

2016-05-28 04:40:03

Noooooo, I that's exactly when I'll have to be at work

2016-05-28 05:18:31

So in other words, you're screwed if you want the override but can't watch it?

2016-05-28 05:30:16

:// …

2016-05-28 05:30:43

Could always just let others watch it then wiki on how to lol

2016-05-28 09:13:43

I'm gonna miss this due to work, but will there be anything related to the Elder Gods coming this year?

2016-05-28 10:23:51

Can't watch live, got work to do.

2016-05-28 11:08:18

isn't the Rs Idle one in 2 hours?

2016-05-28 12:09:26

- watching. :)

2016-05-28 12:11:23

I will be watching all day!!

2016-05-28 13:07:48

its amazingg

2016-05-28 13:10:16

In 5 minutes

2016-05-28 13:35:16

where can i find beta info? cant wait to try it!

2016-05-28 13:36:19

Here: …

2016-05-28 13:52:41


2016-05-28 13:58:30

Thanks, but did this weeks ago, but haven't heard anything yet. It looks awesome and i really want to try it :p

2016-05-28 14:03:23

looks like i got on just in time

2016-05-28 14:05:41

ronan is fat

2016-05-28 14:31:29

Why are we not getting actual info about raids?? We just get bombarded with pvpvpvpvpvpvp when thats not what we want.

2016-05-28 15:06:14

no yak scythe for old school :(

2016-05-28 15:36:43

why did you have to have the summit at the same time as the champions league final :(

2016-05-28 15:37:11

can u tweet it out i cant watch like tweet every word out plz :p :D

2016-05-28 15:37:18

Is it Shattered Worlds as the summer package already revealed that?

2016-05-28 15:37:26


2016-05-28 15:38:24

I'm recording it! I should probabyl treat the Summit as a priority

2016-05-28 15:40:10

good plan! Starting to think I should treat the summit as my priority too

2016-05-28 15:40:33

Arc hype!

2016-05-28 15:41:25

Just don't complain if I reveal something I shouldn't!

2016-05-28 15:41:32

very vague though, so I wouldn't say revealed as much as hinted

2016-05-28 15:42:39

contain yourself man. 2016 is going to be roughly 50 kinds of epic #RSSummerSummit

2016-05-28 15:44:52

Remember, Osborne, you haven't done your job if you haven't promised to the point that devs hate you

2016-05-28 15:51:11

It's been awesome! Lots of great ideas which could bring some enticing new content to & !

2016-05-28 15:58:04

Loving it :D

2016-05-28 15:59:09

loving the #summersummit thank you for putting on a good show :)

2016-05-28 16:27:05

when're you going to announce RF

2016-05-28 16:28:04

ooo yes runefest day announce!!!!!! #RSSummerSummit

2016-05-28 16:28:46

#RSSummerSummit How were you able to fit so much awesome content into one tiny little summer?

2016-05-28 16:29:04

#RSSummerSUmmit Are you going to post a gallery of all the artwork that was featured?

2016-05-28 16:31:16


2016-05-28 16:31:34

Hopefully! Not tonight though *snores*

2016-05-28 16:39:06

But will there be Memes?

2016-05-28 16:39:46

whats bts

2016-05-28 18:11:00

Really enjoyed seeing the game on the live stream. Hope I can land myself a beta key whenever next wave comes!

2016-05-28 21:43:20

can you make it so you can interact with the pet rock while wielding it?

2016-05-28 23:35:11

We want PvP, but not these boring game modes. Wilderness PvP is what made Runescape.

2016-05-28 23:35:51

so hyped for idle adv hoping for a beta key *wink wink* hope its good

2016-05-28 23:43:26

Yeah I agree, but whenever they have a chance to talk about the game to more than those who play, it its always 1/2

2016-05-30 01:15:05

seriously ban emily already

2016-06-01 16:04:21

how come it says summer summit

2016-06-01 16:06:22

They haven't updated the description.

2016-06-03 20:01:04

Hey jagex, somebodies on my account xcalcx mind logging them off, already disabled there authen and put a new one on

2016-06-03 20:34:08

Thanks jagex.

2016-06-07 08:56:27

Was there a house party yesterday?

2016-06-07 08:56:55

There was but that was for the start of the event. I'm allowed to restart it yay! :P

2016-06-07 12:02:33


2016-06-07 13:02:00

Where abouts can we actually look for the possible answers to the comp?

2016-06-07 13:18:43

fix dungeoning I've submitted multiple bug reports stuff goes invisible and resource nodes are impossible to get to

2016-06-07 13:38:52


2016-06-07 13:40:41

inb4 bonds riot bugs out the event and makes it real :p

2016-06-07 13:42:20

will watch cuz ur awesome

2016-06-08 17:04:58

Are there Dark Beasts in the catacombs and will they require Mep2? thanks

2016-06-08 18:48:06

giving us a heads up in-game would also be welcomed! Just telling us that "it's on now" In-game is sorta crap! :(

2016-06-09 11:41:51

Either make the slayer exp in the new cave worse or change back redwood trees. Hexis not crying doesnt mean no change is needed.

2016-06-09 11:51:53

aah good I dont have to watch it then

2016-06-09 22:17:20

will it be on utube or would have to do it?

2016-06-10 04:25:57

It will go up but may be a little late while Chris is out of office

2016-06-10 14:57:34

Sounds good!

2016-06-10 15:00:48

Excited :)

2016-06-10 15:29:11

Are you going to make it so that the tirannwn quiver can hold arax arrows, asc bolts AND dbanes?

2016-06-14 12:05:04

This is the best announcement I ever heard. More dev time for FOTG2.

2016-06-14 12:13:09

#RSDevQA Will these ore changes also be applied to Divine Locations for Divination?

2016-06-14 12:28:57

#RSQA Will Boots and Gloves be added in the future for full set effects to allow for differentiation in armour at higher levels?

2016-06-14 12:29:37

#RSQA Or as cosmetic rewards in Artisan's Workshop at the very least? The incomplete look of most armours in game is depressing.

2016-06-14 12:55:37

glad to hear it!

2016-06-14 12:56:21

PS: You should give more budget to and the Dukes for boots and gloves in this Smithing rework.

2016-06-15 01:03:36

the armours look great but wouldnt this destroy the economy more than save it?

2016-06-15 01:10:06

Slightly nervous but excited :) #RunePoll

2016-06-15 01:25:08

the materials that we get from disassembling will stay the same?

2016-06-15 01:37:47

I love the mining rework you guys should make all resource nodes similar to this i.e. Runecrafting, wood cutting, fishing, & div

2016-06-15 01:41:18

honestly, it's not a very good show to watch. They didn't show much respect for the host. The ideas seem good but show is boring

2016-06-15 01:46:30

#RunePoll do it. Do all of it. Yesterday, if you don't mind

2016-06-15 01:58:40

seems like it's way past a rework dat, every skill should be updated to be like invention, where lvl 99 is like 38m exp

2016-06-15 02:21:19

i would love to see cool new metal followers. (like a chance to get it while smithing) or something.

2016-06-15 02:36:49

Will the Mining guild receive an update after the rework or no? Loved the stream btw :D

2016-06-15 02:53:12

just don't crash my coals plz ;c xd

2016-06-15 04:43:34

it needs to make ores rise

2016-06-15 06:38:47

I like the proposed changes a lot, I just hope that the Masterwork armor is untradable.

2016-06-15 07:43:27

According to the increasing amount of coal needed to make mithril, addy and rune bars, coal should be in even higher demand. No?

2016-06-15 16:03:30

can you do it instead

2016-06-15 16:15:28

Can you do more than one kill of the boss per trip per totem key?

2016-06-15 17:13:38

does arclight have a better accuracy then the whip? and should I use my arclight on slash or stab? i missed stream=\

2016-06-16 06:04:48

Absolutely adore that mime shaft idea! Sounds exciting and awesome :3

2016-06-16 06:23:54


2016-06-16 11:33:38

I hope you look as delicious as your twitter picture

2016-06-16 11:34:46

The Cake is a lie...

2016-06-16 11:35:15

fuck, I should have guessed

2016-06-17 15:56:52

Everytime I open Netflix a stream comes on...

2016-06-19 13:15:19

I'm not sure what 19:00 gametime is. Do you know pfc time?

2016-06-19 13:47:15

It starts in an hour and 13 minutes

2016-06-21 10:12:39

don't care

2016-06-21 10:13:19

2016-06-21 10:13:52

Im at work and will have to catch the VoD

2016-06-21 10:16:28


2016-06-21 16:37:08

woopdedoo, another boss I won't be killing. This is why I'll never comp.

2016-06-23 08:43:00


2016-06-23 08:43:45


2016-06-23 08:44:42


2016-06-23 08:51:15

please run at him with Mystics right now

2016-06-23 09:05:01


2016-06-23 09:10:15

Me I'm calling it

2016-06-23 09:11:04

I too think you'll win robbert.

2016-06-23 09:13:59

i'm going to win it

2016-06-23 09:29:32

I reckon that fog has got a really good chance of winning again

2016-06-23 09:29:55

they said it'll be slower and will leave a small area to fight lol

2016-06-23 09:30:19

I'll still be watching with Alex and laughing at it

2016-06-23 10:14:43


2016-06-23 10:46:00

I wanna see aoaa boys (and ) Kappa on top

2016-06-23 11:07:04

Can you post a list of the requirements after the stream for those who miss it?

2016-06-23 11:07:05

high rc/agility/mining req please :)

2016-06-23 11:07:27

Don't let us down

2016-06-23 11:11:15


2016-06-23 11:21:28

better be a 99 in there, cooking at least.

2016-06-23 11:48:40

6 bst right? So in about an hour

2016-06-23 11:58:25

it better has a lot of 90 reqs

2016-06-23 12:58:31

not on this weeks stream?

2016-06-23 12:59:13

my money's Miwi, 40million thieving xp should be enough to steal the $10,000

2016-06-23 14:03:01

Obviously Not "Ban" (Thebaby123) since you kicked all of us after 50-60hours of DMMT gameplay....

2016-06-25 05:02:04

what time will it take place? (Central)

2016-06-25 05:02:47

Have fun ian and jay

2016-06-25 05:02:56


2016-06-25 08:07:16

give us sub emotes so we cab spam them in runsescape livestream

2016-06-25 10:03:54

don't forgot your headphones

2016-06-25 12:31:48

Still says "RS3 patch notes and KK Mass with Mr Shauny. But I am excited to see what has changed from the last tourny.

2016-06-25 12:39:33

Says Deadman Invitational II - Final Hour to me.

2016-06-25 12:41:26

I appear to break everything. :(

2016-06-25 12:42:08

Twitter caches it for some reason, so it's pretty much always outdated :(

2016-06-25 13:02:14

Do us proud!

2016-06-25 13:03:45

in my country a few is 3 not 15 dood

2016-06-25 13:04:53

free easy clues for me or riot!

2016-06-25 13:06:12

will there be a delay on stream to avoid giving out locations? I assume yes just wondering.

2016-06-25 13:06:33

yep 5mins

2016-06-25 13:06:45

Best of luck guys, we're so hyped!

2016-06-25 13:06:49


2016-06-25 13:08:34

just about the nerdiest tweet ive seen. cmon man

2016-06-25 13:10:04


2016-06-25 13:22:57


2016-06-25 13:29:22

deadman mode tournament

2016-06-25 13:29:43

oh. Ye im nub idc xd

2016-06-25 14:32:15

What's up with all the offline worlds?

2016-06-25 14:33:15

2016-06-25 14:34:27


2016-06-25 14:35:08

ahh spoiler :(

2016-06-25 14:36:26

mod AOB got phished can you shut his account down or something lol

2016-06-25 14:36:49

Re-roll …

2016-06-25 14:37:04

poor boaty....

2016-06-25 14:37:13


2016-06-25 14:42:55

in b4 drugs reference ban

2016-06-26 11:25:13

There's only 1 L in Helwyr.

2016-06-26 12:25:40

can u please help me? I got my acc perm banned. I just created this acc 3 days ago ,and I got 5 charges today that get my ban

2016-06-26 12:25:51


2016-06-28 09:53:29

dont crash a world w16 is never the same anymore :p

2016-06-28 11:33:44

Ok, Telos was cool, but its been over 24 hours, time to move on. Tell us about Skilling Pets =)

2016-06-28 11:41:25

#RSQA what's the status on bringing Armadyl back to his tower, any updates or an ETA? It was mentioned in a stream a bit back :)

2016-06-28 11:42:46

hey ollie, i've been trying to get in touch with pi the past couple days in regards to the wildy bug we spoke ingame yesterday 1

2016-06-28 11:48:02

Lols. There's this update where you get pets for skilling. Ok done.

2016-06-28 11:49:33

>=| MORE INFO! What Pets for what skills, what are the drop rates like, are they static or change depending on ...

2016-06-28 11:51:01

Helring is displaying signs of anger? Must be Christmas come early.

2016-06-28 11:51:16

yea I had a word, will get a definitive answer for you

2016-06-28 11:55:01

Telos about White Wolf Mountain and Catherby

2016-06-28 12:06:09

thanks a lot buddy. Really appreciate it. Sucks a lot spending loads of hrs to get an item and then losing it to a bug

2016-06-29 10:06:07

any news in regards to the bug i experienced? Thanks in advance if you can reply

2016-06-29 10:53:59

I've hassled Pi and Harrison and got a job created to take a look at it :)

2016-06-29 10:56:00

thanks a bunch. Im assuming i wont be getting my staff back as a result of this though?

2016-06-29 10:56:47

and the reason why im persisting that this bug gets fixed is bc ppl will lose aug gear on double deaths

2016-06-29 11:36:35

Yea I'm afraid not, we'd start getting flooded with requests for stuff back after fixes.

2016-06-30 10:25:50

I've just been hacked please help

2016-06-30 11:13:29

Hopefully he isn't one of the kind of community member's that thinks shouting random racism is funny.

2016-06-30 12:00:45

but we need our weekly dose of Roq

2016-07-01 07:05:43


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