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Oops I Uncharted.

2016-05-01 16:06:01


2016-05-01 16:07:25

Always got you. <3 And I'm always lurking in your streams. :) x

2016-05-01 16:09:22

woo! I love the lurkers too of course :)

2016-05-01 16:10:37

Well I'll be sure to talk more as well. <3 So you know I'm there. ;)

2016-05-03 22:18:34

Nathan drake fights waves of guys in ruins that are supposed to be completely closed off and untouched for centuries or more

2016-05-03 22:46:34

Shut your goddamn mouth

2016-05-03 23:35:51

I was waiting for it to Trigger you <3 haha

2016-05-06 19:11:35


2016-06-07 19:03:07

your twitch profile picture makes me laugh every time xD

2016-06-09 22:42:04

you really should try atelier iris 3 and mana khemia both great games. They are all good imo.

2016-06-10 03:09:39

I wanted to play Mana Khemia back in the day. Might give it a shot soon, thanks :)

2016-06-10 20:43:44

if you do play Mana Khemia play the PS2 version. While there is a PSP version that one is buggy like they didn't port it correctly.

2016-06-13 12:27:46

im watching it on console

2016-06-13 12:46:27

got a 10min break, I hope everyone enjoys themselves!

2016-06-13 14:23:21

Microsoft's wasn't too bad, tbh. EA still totally the worst haha.

2016-06-13 14:51:43

Lunch break, was what they showed on Scalebound cool?

2016-06-13 15:24:16

It was cool! :D

2016-06-13 21:04:54

I'm going to stop by right after to decompress and recompose, but I need to endure this alone. Godspeed, my friend. Godspeed.

2016-06-15 04:52:49

Thank you!!

2016-06-15 05:27:11

you're welcome!!

2016-06-17 07:29:51

3 days in now. Have you found all the secrets/endings?

2016-06-17 12:56:42


2016-06-17 14:25:23

. uugghhhhh. Its like anything new happening are just glitches.

2016-06-17 14:28:03

I'm tired of watching people try to glitch through the door with chairs. Or hearing about a 4th mannequin lol

2016-06-17 14:50:13

try following andre

2016-06-17 15:10:59

but have we tried putting the finger in the fuse? What about the headphones?

2016-06-17 15:43:54

this is complete madness.

2016-06-17 15:45:50

But did you find the lock pick?

2016-06-21 20:36:29

having twissues on the ps4. You can see the stream on preview but if you go to the channel it says offline? Lame!

2016-06-21 22:25:13


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