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Shadowrun - !Roll4it | Next !stream: May 11 @ 9pm BST (QnA @ 8pm BST)

2016-05-04 16:18:40

shouldn't you be getting to bed soon, so you can be up for your stellaris stream? :P so jealous you get to play it early :(

2016-05-25 20:49:18

Nah, no training beyond frequent handling and playing. They just enjoy being held because they associate it with fun.

2016-06-01 17:44:31

I want that truck, too. Also cookies

2016-06-08 15:39:43

Is there a Q&A this week?

2016-06-08 15:58:56

no one becomes a ghoul?

2016-06-08 16:08:05

As I am walking to work! Damn you Aztecnology!!!!

2016-06-08 17:54:13

trolls can't swim. Awakened leeches????

2016-06-08 21:24:33

Blowback has a fever? Noooooooo.

2016-06-22 14:41:40

yay q&a

2016-06-22 14:44:32

2016-06-22 15:40:18

please don't kill anyone! (On the team).

2016-06-22 20:06:44

none of the team could be replaced. Even by a ferret.

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