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'-' More Battleborn (PS4) - Grinding For Ranks/Unlocks - Possible Campaign Playthrough '-'

2016-05-03 17:58:41

I may avoid that stream as a favor

2016-05-03 22:41:47

is it any good I bought it tonight?

2016-05-03 22:42:18

I'm really digging it.

2016-05-03 22:46:55

I'm gonna try it later, I need to add you on my ps4 hopefully u don't rage quit on me and leave me hanging like halo5

2016-06-07 19:35:44

The game is pretty cool! Just completed World 2 live on YouTube earlier today.

2016-06-09 21:11:08

Thanks for the epic host anaGG

2016-06-13 18:09:35

NICE! I can't wait to pick it up myself

2016-06-22 17:59:54

Nice! Congrats on the XB launch. :D

2016-06-24 19:13:44

No, lol......maybe in a few minutes

2016-06-24 19:44:22

ya know foom for someone who says they been in the business for a long time youd think you have grown past spamming

2016-06-26 22:10:57

Looking forward to tuning in

2016-06-26 22:33:16

who on what days? i need to prepare

2016-06-26 22:34:54

Swift tomorrow. MAN possibly all week. Zeke on WED, Kreyg after Tues, and Spam?

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