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chill strim/ranked - plat2 jungle/adc [NA][ENG]

2016-04-30 09:42:21

blight town, more like too dark tilted town :(

2016-04-30 12:15:52


2016-05-03 07:13:27

\^.^/ still strimming if u guys wanna hang out \^.^/

2016-05-27 07:46:49

. playin dark souls now gonna start ng++ run

2016-05-28 06:13:39

xD fun stream

2016-05-28 07:38:44

lool ghat dammmm, enjoying those drunk streams Rada!? xD now all you need is...

2016-06-08 17:08:02


2016-06-08 18:01:06

where's ctc

2016-06-08 18:28:39

Watching and discovering you on the stream right now. Do you plan on playing more Pokemon ?

2016-06-08 20:01:48

yeah I hope to! Prob more showdown until I get a working capture card

2016-06-14 03:07:53

. also i think twitch alerts isn't working and my other monitor broke so im reading chat on me phone

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