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I love Yen

2016-05-04 02:00:47

any time friend!!

2016-06-01 09:34:08

damnit I passed out and missed your stream to!!! *cries* I feel terrible!!! I hate missing rachy rach streams!!!

2016-06-02 23:01:23

oh you still haven't finished the main story? i started a new playthrough (again) a few days ago after finishing witcher 2

2016-06-02 23:02:27

like some choices u make from witcher 2 and then importing that save file into witcher 3 can open up new quests. pretty cool

2016-06-02 23:03:54

which means i probly wont actually play blood&wine for another 2 days. shouldbe able to blaze through everything this time tho

2016-06-04 21:15:57

YAY SISTA SATURDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!! Rachy rach I can't contain my excitement ^_^ I love your streams =)

2016-06-04 21:16:30

and I'm sorry but your not a small streamer! In my eyes your famous and fabulously epic!!!! =)

2016-06-17 22:42:55

I will for sure be there! Best part of the day is some rachy rach streamin!!!!

2016-06-20 22:50:46

be there or Rachel will hunt you down with a rusty chain saw!!!! Lol

2016-06-24 23:21:17

NO X-)

2016-06-25 20:41:38

we miss you!!

2016-06-29 00:13:49

i was there for like 5 seconds hehe. had to leave cuz of spoilers. u were doing sidequess i haven't done yet :-(

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