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.60 is here! Yippie Ki Yay mother effers!

2016-05-06 02:49:42

Never donated/sub to many other streamers but you were one, now i find out you're lying about having to spam to get into exp? Sad.

2016-05-06 03:19:44

link me the time of my VOD when I said that.

2016-05-07 01:24:03

Again, I WAS spamming at this time. Didn't get access to the server I was playing on until 2:00 PST. Good lord haha.

2016-05-07 01:24:37

I guess that's where the rumour comes from then

2016-05-07 01:25:27

That's the toxic side of the DayZ community for you

2016-05-07 01:44:48

I thought you blocked me? Still should have told your viewers what was going on, I don't like being told half truths.

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