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EG Suppy vs PSI PiLiPiLi

2016-05-25 20:17:16

i love the live-tweet tournament coverage

2016-05-25 21:45:37


2016-05-25 22:28:09

You guys should add your cups to TL

2016-05-25 22:33:40

We'll work on that- for now it'd have to be a userpage until we meet certain reqs. So we may wait until we can have our own

2016-05-28 21:18:30

wow thanks man

2016-05-28 21:19:39

character limit bro! D=

2016-05-28 21:30:09

Suppy? really? cmon man he hasn't played sc2 in years

2016-05-28 21:33:38

He's been playing again since Austin. Taking games off players like Neeb.

2016-05-28 21:34:12

sc2 or dota2 Kappa

2016-05-28 21:44:56

why are you both so handsome and good at casting? Not really fair, is it?

2016-05-28 21:45:59

No. What's not fair are british accents. We can't compete with that stuff man.

2016-05-28 21:46:37

You get the babes by talking. We have to groom ourselves m8

2016-05-28 21:49:48

The trick is to pretend to be British so you never have to brush your teeth. It's amazing!

2016-05-28 22:27:33

Update- Gametime needs a break, so we're hopping in with Neuro vs Drunkenboi!

2016-05-28 23:03:18

ah yes, the miracles of a functional healthcare system! I have to enjoy it while it lasts...

2016-05-28 23:04:18


2016-05-28 23:06:36

now to return to the TrigCave for another month of hibernation...

2016-05-28 23:53:02


2016-06-14 21:05:48

meanwhile is alread waiting in the finals after beating PsyRex 2-0!

2016-06-14 21:05:50


2016-06-15 20:48:33


2016-06-15 21:22:58

team kill. D:

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