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2016-04-30 23:17:52

wait. did jared go for satch I KNEW HE WOULD

2016-04-30 23:18:34

He's streaming it right now

2016-04-30 23:18:54

OO i wanna see hmu

2016-05-01 00:41:49

"Hey girl. Keep streaming yo"

2016-05-01 00:41:49

"Hey girl"

2016-05-01 00:41:56

Have you Romanced Shane Yet?

2016-05-01 00:44:04

wait, you're streaming! Yes I'll watch

2016-05-01 00:45:03

Are you feeling the steam? lol

2016-05-01 01:22:12

I'd watch but I don't want spoilers...he was the one I was going to try and romance next

2016-05-01 01:32:52

FUCK i was gonna woo satch next, i don't want to be spoiled... i can't watch

2016-05-01 01:44:15

I thought things were getting copacetic

2016-05-01 02:17:59

dont say we didn't warn you

2016-05-01 04:31:14

Yo dude, I didn't really know you before but thanks for that stream, it was awesome and the positivity well... Sparkled?

2016-05-03 00:11:04

Comedy is often derived from the suffering of others... So... I dunno...

2016-05-03 00:11:28

It's Jaredception. A Jared is watching a Jared who is watching a Jared.

2016-05-03 01:06:58

You know what you have to do to get their attention... Sparkle daddy! Sparkle! Ruff *wink*

2016-05-05 22:43:49

when will there be more? I love chilling and watching your streams, and I love the people I get to chat with during your streams

2016-05-23 23:26:59


2016-05-23 23:32:28

ProJared AND SpaceHamster both on Twitch at the same time.....OMG....can Twitch get any cooler

2016-05-23 23:44:47

question: Will I my 486 DX4-100MHz need to be upgraded to 8 Meg RAM, or will 4 suffice? #DOOM

2016-05-23 23:45:32

those were the good old days: Lasting 10 seconds in DOOM!

2016-05-24 00:02:44

No longer #deadjared?

2016-05-24 00:06:45

uh hey have you gotten your Tumblr back yet/are you aware of what happened?

2016-05-24 00:58:21


2016-05-24 01:23:33

Notice me senpai

2016-05-24 01:23:33

I have noticed you, Aaron Salas-kōhai #senpaiBot

2016-05-24 01:24:54

just when I'm leaving for school :((((

2016-05-24 01:25:57

watched for quite some time I wish I could watch longer but have to go to sleep, good night

2016-05-24 01:46:39

projared, no. I've finally come clean. don't tempt me with the stardew again!

2016-05-24 01:50:15

you'll never escape at this rate

2016-05-24 07:00:42

Yeeeah! He's back!!

2016-05-25 00:05:49


2016-05-25 00:10:21

Nooo it's midnight and I have work tomorrow. But here's a tweet that reminded me of you: …

2016-05-25 01:02:21

just play on nightmare mode. Ultra violence is too easy.

2016-05-25 01:03:34

Mythbusters did a vid on DOOM carrying all his weapons...totally CONFIRMED …

2016-05-25 23:26:43

so soon? We have yet to be introduced... It's too soon for a date, Jared. I'll have to show you to my parents first.

2016-05-25 23:52:11

are you making sienfeld season 2

2016-05-26 00:21:05

Out of a personal curiosity, will you be making any videos on the new mechanics I'm MHGen?

2016-05-31 00:38:15

Well I was going to go to sleep but watching ProJared play Asagao academy is WAY more important! (and fun)

2016-05-31 00:38:37

I LOVE it when dating simulations have a disturbing route. <3

2016-05-31 00:41:07

Told you.

2016-05-31 00:50:23

Okay I'm watching this now and i have to watch the archive of you doing Jacques route later Fuck

2016-05-31 00:52:32

i know right? Super disturbing

2016-05-31 10:03:54

"distrubing". Same

2016-05-31 15:37:52

the grammar nazis are becoming restless

2016-06-02 02:55:43

My roommate and I have been playing it, and it plays very nice.

2016-06-02 02:56:55

My load times are quick in single player.

2016-06-02 03:37:47

It's not too bad with an SSD, but those are hardly ubiquitous yet. I assume it's passing loads of stuff to the graphics card

2016-06-02 03:55:12

about 8 seconds or so on a spinning hard drive for me, on PC.

2016-06-02 04:04:48

On the stream, it took about 2 minutes. Not sure what was causing that.

2016-06-02 16:25:57

how are you enjoying it? I'm still in the fence on buying it or not

2016-06-10 00:13:50

if you make it to the minigun then may whatever God you believe in help you

2016-06-10 00:14:26

2016-06-10 00:15:22

I don't think you'll last long, bro.

2016-06-10 00:19:54

Good luck to you I would be watching right now but I had to graduate first.

2016-06-10 00:22:42

Awesome, I literally just stopped playing Doom II for the night, and then this happens.

2016-06-10 01:35:13

had fun watching thanks!

2016-06-10 02:01:01


2016-06-10 02:03:54


2016-06-10 04:05:21

Doom Nuzlocke?

2016-06-10 11:40:27

Kitchen Ace and taking names.

2016-06-10 11:59:04

how far did u get

2016-06-14 01:57:49


2016-06-14 02:04:51

Resident Evil 7 demo?

2016-06-14 02:05:40

Jared the game page is up but still no sign of the demo.

2016-06-14 02:15:38

I like that your description shows up as "ripping and tearing" on Twitter.

2016-06-14 11:05:05

I missed it :(

2016-06-27 19:30:51


2016-06-27 19:30:52

currently driving. I'll be watching as soon as I get home!

2016-06-27 19:32:44

PC? If so, I will join you or hunt you Jared. XD

2016-06-27 19:33:18

its so good!!!

2016-06-27 19:45:29

play the one with the boobs (all of them)

2016-06-27 19:53:13

Wird of advice if you see Bastion be prepared to get raped

2016-06-27 23:38:24

so that was you

2016-06-27 23:44:37


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