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Lets Raid X1

2016-05-02 22:33:23

how do i get on this??

2016-05-03 22:03:53

considering all things, which system do you prefer to play on. If you had to chose one?

2016-05-04 01:08:35


2016-05-06 16:25:45

but... Battlefield!

2016-05-06 16:28:43

betting a lot of your usual viewers are watching the Battlefield reveal

2016-05-06 16:43:20

battlefield 1 is coming fuck futuristic games for now!

2016-05-06 20:49:38

that Thesan Holtz is too good

2016-05-24 22:22:13

I can't watch I have dinner plans! God why?! haha!

2016-05-25 02:08:44

Damn i missed it

2016-05-26 21:23:07

if this turns into planet overwatch pod cast I swear to got.....

2016-06-01 13:01:19

do you think you can do trials carries on xbone?

2016-06-02 20:48:41

y'all don't want to wait until tomorrow? Lol I got to watch GS beat Cleveland

2016-06-02 21:07:20

you be nice t Cleveland Tyson. Lol

2016-06-02 21:07:51

lol no

2016-06-02 21:09:06

I am an Ohioan so i kinda gotta root for em. :D

2016-06-02 21:14:00

lol nooo I just don't like LeBron

2016-06-02 21:19:47

I feel you. He did bounce on us. Lol.

2016-06-02 21:40:13

he like a guy who left y'all for the side chick and then came back lol

2016-06-02 22:39:38

that sob is all we got. Lolz

2016-06-06 22:16:53

good luck gents

2016-06-07 21:23:27

waiting for war sats! Nooooooo!!!

2016-06-07 22:07:02

love when called y'all out for not completing sleeper quest and such LOL. Finish it tonight MANG!!!

2016-06-09 16:54:14

do you think they'll be a collectors edition of ROI? I already pre ordered the regular one

2016-06-09 16:56:59

RoI seems bigger than HoW and Smaller than TTK, how do you guys feel about it being this way?

2016-06-09 16:58:45

Do you think the ghorn will be the same or not because why would bungie give away the best gun in the game?

2016-06-09 16:59:13

Briar, that raid looks like it has the fireteam running from a giant tank. Are you a psychic?

2016-06-09 17:11:45

Was it a good idea to leave old gen behind? Or should've waited until destiny 2? Im happy they did

2016-06-09 17:12:49

You think we'll we see the exo-stranger this fall? And also, Metallica or Iron Maiden?

2016-06-09 18:09:10

what strikes do you guys think will be coming back for RoI that fit the timeline and theme?

2016-06-09 18:59:31

Do you think Rise of Iron is the final expansion before Destiny 2, or will we be getting more afterwards?

2016-06-09 19:03:59

what time?

2016-06-09 19:41:33

what time does the stream start?

2016-06-09 19:51:49

Do you think there will be a Moments of Triumph v2? What will be the moments?

2016-06-09 19:57:53

Better preorder bonus: Vanguard Armory or Gjallarhorn shader? DISCUSS!!!

2016-06-09 20:44:48

What do you think the new feature for crucible is going to be in The Rise of Iron?

2016-06-09 20:45:30

With Rise of Iron, Saladin will likely be a permanent fixture in destiny, what do you think will happen to IB once it drops?

2016-06-09 20:59:23

prob too late but.. Will there b Legendary Edition RoI and what about if we already paid?

2016-06-09 21:00:01

Baying wolf howl emote anyone?!??!!

2016-06-09 21:05:07

How long until you're live?

2016-06-09 21:14:56

do you guys think that the new crucible mode will be infected or something?

2016-06-09 21:27:23

if pvp new features is custom games will that be enough to last til fall 2017 for destiny 2?

2016-06-09 21:49:51

Could we have unlimited vault space since it's next gen only?

2016-06-10 02:11:26

prepare for the weasel.

2016-06-10 12:09:20

me and my team wouped you in trials once

2016-06-14 21:33:25

better stick with pve. Pvp is a broken mess right now

2016-06-14 21:39:05

My one real chance at a grasp, we hope...

2016-06-14 21:46:31


2016-06-14 22:03:11

true.. but I'm actually having s blast with the heroic strikes and blade dancer in PvE

2016-06-14 22:19:00

1 Tether and 2 Celestial Nighthawk GG shots(Deadeye) kill Omnigul. It was a good

2016-06-14 22:42:11

I got 5 in about an hour

2016-06-14 23:03:19

of for sure, that arc burn/stormstance/zhalois a ton of fun for repping up factions

2016-06-14 23:10:01

just farmed nightfall for 45 minutes. Saw 15 drop including god roll.

2016-06-16 21:51:33

hey dont know if this is where to ask q's but when will gfighter and exhumed be removed

2016-06-16 22:15:37

when ate you going live?!! I need the PD podcast!!!!

2016-06-16 22:20:50

was up with the podcast

2016-06-17 00:06:14

Do you think Kings Fall will have any relevance in RoI?

2016-06-21 20:42:25

the LDR is soooo good bruh..... SO GOOD! I like it better than longshmow. Hope you get it!

2016-06-22 21:50:04

Yeah I prefer it on the PS4 .. I need it on X1

2016-06-22 22:48:18

I think today is Conspiracy Theory Day, got 2 in a row. 1 each on 2 characters. RIP

2016-06-23 15:12:56

Now that you're all partnered (congrats Briar), is Planet Destiny the ultimate Destiny superpower?

2016-06-23 16:46:39

Do you think that Bungie will do a new faction-exotic based questline in year 3 like they did in year 2?

2016-06-23 16:53:50

Will Iron Banner weapons & gear (yr 1 & 2) come up to the same level in yr 3? #YouDontWinFriendsWithSalad

2016-06-23 17:04:54

Why do i feel there is something wrong with FoH? I use unbreakable & with full life doing FoH...

2016-06-23 17:05:37

...ppl kill me with a shotgun. Why does this happen? Does it happen to u?

2016-06-23 17:24:57

top 3 PvP sub classes at the moment?

2016-06-23 17:28:45

do u think a descope on damage would b a good way to balance snipers instead of reducing aim assist

2016-06-23 17:28:46

If you could make an exotic weapon/armor, what would it be?

2016-06-23 17:51:44

recently we've seen there will be exotics we've not seen in ROI, will we see the exotics we haven't gotten?

2016-06-23 18:34:12

I just want to know how feels that he is still being taunted by and is RNG

2016-06-23 18:58:46

assuming the 2 styles can't overlap, would you rather screw around or get sweaty in the Crucible?

2016-06-23 19:17:56

Ive gotten 4 longbows but some people have gotten 0 after many packages. Should they give a guranteed one.

2016-06-23 20:00:14

do you guys think we'll get Playstation exclusive chest and leg iron banner armor.

2016-06-23 20:48:06

You guys think they should add real wolf sounds when the Iron G-Horn shoots as a bonus?

2016-06-23 20:58:48


2016-06-23 20:58:53

where do we post are Twitter questions?

2016-06-23 21:02:32

We are live!

2016-06-23 21:07:02

whatever happened to Patrick's Anime he was working on?

2016-06-23 21:09:39

Do you think Activisions esports initiative is why we won't get custom matches?

2016-06-23 21:43:50

"companion calling" exotic wolf-whistle? Why not a green power ranger style, dagger-flute to call a Zord!?

2016-06-23 22:38:06

Hey, would you guys ever have a guest on the stream to discuss PVP balance? I have 50 days playtime & would love to discuss

2016-06-28 21:25:54

woot woot!

2016-06-30 13:25:41

#RIPme internet not working atm

2016-06-30 13:29:26

how long you playing for? This lowly scrub needs a sherpa to guide him to victory! O.o

2016-06-30 13:30:24

ill join yall on PS4 Iron Banner my PSN is TheGamingSKITZ

2016-06-30 13:37:09

how do you feel Pocket Infinity should be buffed when/if it gets brought up to relevant light level

2016-06-30 13:40:07

Would you guys like another subclass to be added per class in future Destiny, and if so, what type(s)?

2016-06-30 13:56:01

good question bro

2016-06-30 14:09:16

Since they're named AFTER the Iron Lords, do you think the Year 1 IB weapons may return? Y2 Effrideet's!

2016-06-30 14:14:42

A Grim Citizen dropped with Per balance, inj mould and small bore all in the middle perk. Help me Patrick.

2016-06-30 14:35:25

what changes to the UI do you think could/should/will be implemented now that Destiny is current-gen only?

2016-06-30 15:30:15

If light level wasn't an issue what would be your all star weapon line up? I'd go FB, BS & HQT. Cheers!

2016-06-30 16:06:57

do you guys think thatbungie purposely changed the nightfall last week.So they can get data so they can nerf the grasp?

2016-06-30 16:07:36

No OSsloth

2016-06-30 17:44:07

I have challenge for has to go the whole podcast without saying or talking about NetCode

2016-06-30 18:29:17

what if we had speech recognition to make switching alike weapons easier. Ex: you have a sniper and say shotgun to switch it

2016-06-30 19:18:53

With this weeks IB's connections? LOLOLOLOL

2016-06-30 19:19:39

$10 is yours if you can

2016-06-30 19:55:49

Do ya think the year one weapon loot pool is bugged? 5 badgers, 5 shadow prices and 4 comedians thus far

2016-06-30 20:09:19

What type of different weapons would you like to see in Destiny? Example: Exotic Bows from BO3 zombies

2016-06-30 20:23:18

have you tried heroic strikes recently with modifiers? Enjoying them? Thoughts on why not done sooner?

2016-06-30 20:46:30

For all members: What is the 1 perfect item and role, that you are still chasing that hasnt dropped..?

2016-06-30 20:48:47

why r u guys always bashing shotgunners? Clearly snipers r for scrubs.

2016-06-30 20:52:23

onion ring or fries?

2016-06-30 20:52:51

Metas shift relative to my build, skewing my KD. Is there a more reliable metric for performance tracking?

2016-06-30 22:08:48

what do u think of siva fuel dropping in the raid that u can inject into a weapon and gain a raid perk.

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