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Battle Born Beta

2016-04-30 00:19:35

pubs but ask me to play some bangers for you  #supportsmallstreams

2016-04-30 00:21:20

Dont forget to follow my boy & follow his twitch here 

2016-04-30 00:21:41

Just actually puked on stream. 10/10 content.  Hot sauce and pie before the night's over!

2016-04-30 00:21:59

Up 2-1 in against Stronghold next 

2016-04-30 00:26:07

Shell #KAPOW #ST Retweeted Ghost #STTG

2016-04-30 00:37:21

i got u

2016-04-30 01:03:41

I will follow you for sure! You followed the guy that I was hosting though! LOL Not me! No worries cause he's on my team!

2016-04-30 01:10:33

Done! Thanks for the follow. Check out  too!

2016-04-30 02:19:00

Putting "pretty" in your stream title devalues your worth as a gamer and will turn off hardcores, just a thought

2016-04-30 02:24:42

I'm sorry what's your handle.

2016-04-30 02:25:24

I just followed her. Please have her return the favor.

2016-04-30 02:31:31

done! Thank you!

2016-04-30 03:21:59

I followed you btw!!

2016-04-30 03:35:04  No worries love, I was in Dank's stream when you followed him and sent me the message! <3

2016-04-30 03:47:05

followed you back

2016-04-30 09:11:44

Thanks, I followed your twitch btw

2016-04-30 11:16:26

thank you so much!!

2016-04-30 12:00:50

No problem, check out my twitch and youtube sometime … …

2016-04-30 12:18:36

followed you

2016-05-01 10:17:15

I personally wanted to thank you guys for all the kind words you guys have been saying to me with me helping 2 promote your channels. Thanks

2016-05-03 13:45:35

Hey miss! What's up?!

2016-05-03 14:18:58

hey nothing up

2016-05-03 14:22:38

Nothing?! Haha What games do you play?!

2016-05-03 14:31:36

street fighter, mortal kombat, first party shooters and many others

2016-05-03 14:52:04

That's awesome! I play a lot of first person shooters myself, mainly.... and then I have a lot of others I play as well.

2016-05-03 14:56:43

I'll check it out. We all have to start somewhere! When are you going to be on again?

2016-05-03 15:01:01

I'll be on tonight. I'm going to get battle born so I want to stream that

2016-05-03 15:03:48

Sweeeet! Haha. I might stream some Halo or Black Ops 3 today if you want to stop by and watch that!

2016-05-03 15:14:11

I will check it out

2016-05-03 15:17:41

I'll tweet you out and let you know when I get on!

2016-05-04 03:01:36

I'm streaming if you didn't know

2016-05-04 03:02:06

thanks panda

2016-05-04 03:17:09

I'm watching. Just for a little bit tho! I'm tired! Lol

2016-05-04 03:42:01

I'll add you after the stream

2016-05-04 04:40:36

you're welcome

2016-05-04 05:16:05

Thanks everyone for watching my battle born stream I'll be on tomorrow. Those of you that didn't make it _pink__knife

2016-05-06 19:18:30

come check the stream out for today. :)

2016-05-06 19:20:08

Sure can :)

2016-06-28 04:58:57

oooooooh snap! Get that 3k gurl!

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