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[Xplane-10]IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.3| FSCloud | BEING VIEWBOTTED |

2016-05-03 23:54:48

If you think someone is breaking Twitch TOS, use the report tool w/proof: http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/725568-how-to-file-a-report …

2016-06-04 12:24:04


2016-06-04 12:35:13

Doesn't mean it is permanent. He's already had a 24 hour suspension, which came up with this same notice. We can only hope.

2016-06-04 12:38:59

Talk to your contacts at and make sure it's permanent :)

2016-06-04 12:41:21

I've already followed what they told me to do, seems to have done the job along with everybody else's reports!

2016-06-04 12:52:34

I've been banned on both my accounts for literally just saying the word botting ...

2016-06-04 13:07:29

Same here. As soon as you say "BOT", well, RIP your banned. Nice to see it the other way around though! :-)

2016-06-04 14:46:37

yesssss finally

2016-06-04 15:17:09

Please be permanent

2016-06-04 17:12:56

About time

2016-06-04 20:24:17

What did he do?

2016-06-04 20:32:58

he was born

2016-06-05 11:02:26

HEEESSSS BACCKKK Keepo MBGAMING101.... He's got different specs to make it look like different. LOL.

2016-06-05 11:02:50

assuming it's him when he had 0 followers but 87 viewers... and playing racist songs as per....

2016-06-06 10:07:40

he keeps cresting accounts dude

2016-06-06 10:30:50


2016-06-06 10:32:28


2016-06-06 10:32:47


2016-06-06 13:27:42

so pilotproductions Is now theamazingfsgamer

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