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PeccYz | Paladins practice

2016-05-01 13:30:27

loki- all roles.

2016-05-03 19:20:33

what happened?

2016-05-03 19:20:52

it was just.... Yeah. Exactly. Ranked. Fun. Heh!

2016-05-03 19:54:00

RIP fam. can you reset?

2016-05-03 22:10:05

Sneaky production prep? :^)

2016-05-03 22:15:46

come teach

2016-05-03 22:18:09

I'd love to but I'm thoroughly shattered :( Add "Voice" in game and buzz me tomorrow or if you see me online :)

2016-06-25 18:28:46

no freya icons are being dropped today.

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