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Killin some grubs

2016-04-30 00:09:58

Woah! Patricia videogames so hard!

2016-04-30 00:12:57

got excited that you meant xenogears.

2016-05-04 00:23:40


2016-05-04 00:26:24

well I should be going to sleep but…

2016-05-04 00:28:18

definitely going to have to check the archives for this, you're all a blast to stream

2016-05-04 00:52:32

by which I mean like 30

2016-05-04 01:56:35

I had a dog that liked to play with large sticks and garden rakes. She would accidentally clothesline herself through openings.

2016-05-04 01:57:31

Mike Sollosi Retweeted DLA

2016-05-04 07:36:31

next time you play, let me know. Girl squad

2016-06-08 00:16:44

But sometimes it's good to reflect on how little the oligarchs care about (you) and people like (you)?

2016-06-08 00:19:35


2016-06-15 22:15:06


2016-06-15 22:35:00

Overwatch or GB... damn,, this is a dilemma.

2016-06-15 22:42:30


2016-06-15 22:42:49

This has to be the first time I’ve seen an Overwatch stream where people weren’t talking about it! War. War has changed.

2016-06-15 22:43:15


2016-06-15 23:09:17

I would camp out overnight to demo the "Learn to Box with Riendeau" VR game

2016-06-15 23:09:41

like this? …

2016-06-15 23:09:47

let's make that happen

2016-06-15 23:13:02

Considering how many people take off prescription glasses (or move to contacts) to exercise, can't see that happening.

2016-06-15 23:14:54

this will be an important plot point in your superhero origin film someday

2016-06-15 23:55:50

2016-06-16 00:01:59

I refused to date the girl in high school with the same name as my mom. Shallow? Probably.

2016-06-16 00:08:53

My favorite game of the year was watching you try and try until you beat the Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3.

2016-06-16 00:20:17

It says the stream is down?

2016-06-16 00:22:13

If you would have removed Kojima's name from the trailer completely, I would STILL know he did it. It's THAT "Kojima."

2016-06-16 00:24:48

all done now! I posed that just as Patricia was winding down her match, because I have amazing timing, lol

2016-06-16 00:25:25

ahhh Okay. Well, I'm still theorizing in the chat.

2016-06-16 01:11:19

You are having the worst luck the past couple nights. Did the ps4 license crap at least sort itself out?

2016-06-18 00:24:10

Ninja Turtle Favorites Are So Important.

2016-06-28 23:37:16

already ended. I was hoping to hear talk about the mad queen theory in GOT.

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