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Stellaris Multiplayer Event stream - Destroy the fallen empire.

2016-05-03 03:55:26

No es por ser pesao pero en 6 días nos lanzamos a la conquista espacial en

2016-05-03 04:30:55

buena pinta tiene :D estoy deseando verlo ^^

2016-05-03 04:30:58

For those of us working during EU daytime… will there be a vod on Youtube afterwards?

2016-05-03 04:31:56

are the streams watching an observer, kinda like the EUIV multiplayer series was?

2016-05-03 04:32:50

gracias miguel :D me lo mirare,por cierto a ver si hablamos ¬¬ señor importante :<

2016-05-03 04:33:16

xDDD tio, mándame un MP cuando quieras jajajaja

2016-05-03 04:43:00

404_EMPIRE_NOT_FOUND is ready to go.

2016-05-03 04:50:42

That is rude... Is there any embargo? Or can we expect the first episodes to be out before the release?

2016-05-03 04:54:06

thanks for the link! I'll definitely follow that.

2016-05-03 12:11:53

can't wait for it to be released

2016-05-03 14:29:35

it aint dow3 i refuse to believe its real

2016-05-03 20:44:43

21? Did someone not show up? They were saying 22 at the beginning of the stream.

2016-05-03 20:45:38

Awesome! 6+ hours? oh shit.

2016-05-03 20:46:22

I didn't remember the number exactly and the tweet was too long to say 20-something.

2016-05-03 20:47:16

oh okay. Fair! Good luck against tomorrow :P

2016-05-03 21:03:42

how is the game running with all those players? i know you have had trouble playing multiplayer in other games

2016-05-03 21:40:08

Just heard about your love for the Honorverse. Amazing! As Lady Harrington would say, let's be about it! Win!

2016-05-03 22:11:33

Oh man, to get in on that party...

2016-05-04 04:01:55

Prêt pour le deuxième jour !

2016-05-04 04:13:44

ce jeu m'intrigue vraiment, hâte de découvrir ce qu'il a dans le ventre!

2016-05-04 04:26:10

S'il te plaît j'espère te voir en ligne durant le JLSSS, plus nous sommes et mieux c'est :D

2016-05-04 04:28:04

c'est où c'est quand? ^^

2016-05-04 04:32:59

ok merci je vais jeter un coup d'œil ;)

2016-05-04 04:45:42

Stream HS suite à problèmes techniques... J’espère que la guerre n'a pas commencé....

2016-05-04 04:51:50

non tkt on joue pas offline

2016-05-04 04:52:23

C'est reparti !!! Allez les rouges :)

2016-05-04 05:09:36


2016-05-04 07:13:26


2016-05-04 07:54:40

Can you post the hardware specs of the PCs?

2016-05-04 08:36:03

At work but will be watching the replay with interest tomorrow :)

2016-05-04 08:48:25

Pain is bad, so bad this morning. ;_;

2016-05-04 08:49:57

had too many problems trying to watch on my laptop.

2016-05-04 08:50:20


2016-05-26 07:58:39

with beta patch?? :)

2016-05-26 08:00:13

Not sure that it's ready yet.

2016-05-26 08:01:58

Is today's stream featuring a 1.1 beta build?

2016-05-26 08:06:55

ill cross my tentacles :)

2016-06-01 07:28:51

I can barely wait for the game to be released! Every successive #HOI has been even #better than the last!

2016-06-01 08:37:50

atleast i have 2 more hours school

2016-06-03 09:00:01

. Let's do this!

2016-06-03 09:02:38

Why? Use #3D

2016-06-03 10:02:23

Are you guys subbing everyone this week?? O.o that was a harsh flu ravage!

2016-06-03 10:07:09

Was indeed! This time it was child of employee that got sick tho

2016-06-06 06:27:10

but I have to work....

2016-06-06 06:28:33

cmon!!!!!! cmon cmon cmon!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! been waitin since 00.00h :D

2016-06-06 06:30:04

I was going to get an early start in on some gardening before the release but since you guys insist...

2016-06-06 07:12:32

so will we see stellaris or hoi4 gameplay. I`ll stick around for hoi4

2016-06-06 07:38:46

I have to work y u do dis

2016-06-06 08:04:46

Still an hour to go before it starts. :)

2016-06-06 08:52:15

would if I could, can't wait for the release tho

2016-06-06 08:52:30

just launch it!

2016-06-06 08:52:44

June 6th, still no game. What time will we actually get to download it?

2016-06-06 08:55:23

18:00 CEST. 3 hours.

2016-06-06 09:09:55

Why is the stream still not running?

2016-06-06 09:16:19

Or, you know, you could just launch it RIGHT NOW and stream yourselves drinking to the occasion.

2016-06-06 09:16:24

The problem was that the video itself is coming in via HTTP while the rest is HTTPS. Therefore Firefox blocked video.

2016-06-06 10:10:32

But that says all hail the blorg ಠ_ಠ

2016-06-06 10:40:49

From before was born apparently.

2016-06-06 11:00:41

talk about what was stripped from hoi 3, but actually exists in 4. The devs can speak to this???

2016-06-06 12:00:36

Grattis till de första betygen! Min bror är ivrig att kriga & vill ha spelet nu =) …

2016-06-07 07:50:24

Anything? Ooooo. Boxers or briefs?

2016-06-07 07:51:58

Doesn't matter

2016-06-07 08:09:39

Noooo Fredrik! D: I'm at work! D;

2016-06-08 07:11:11

Need to trick the team with HOI3 one time.

2016-06-08 07:13:55

1400 is just not ok for me mkay? Push it to 1415 pls kthxbye #walkingthekidstothebusstop

2016-06-08 07:14:20

Any chance of a talk about divisions in depth? Good combinations and such? The newbie video is pretty basic. :)

2016-06-08 07:17:36

Absolutely! will man the booth and pick out questions so all good questions should get picked up! :)

2016-06-08 07:18:28

I won't be there though due to... work :( . Ah well. Hopefully I can ask on one of this streams sometime. :D

2016-06-09 08:41:32

what goes down on these streams? Is it news of upcoming announcements, or you guys playing the game, or what?

2016-06-09 08:47:22

This stream will be them using custom races from the players and talking about the next patch, while playing.

2016-06-09 09:31:50

I swear to god Paradox, if this ends up being the Blarg heads (or whatever the fungi equivalent is) will roll

2016-06-09 11:17:16

plz plz plz Xbox One version!

2016-06-09 12:35:50


2016-06-10 05:31:49

3 pm what time zone?

2016-06-10 05:53:03


2016-06-10 08:54:59

So you finally added disasters to the game, in form of those two?

2016-06-10 12:36:55

Xbox One plz

2016-06-13 12:08:50

Does this mean the Wurst Wedding team gets to play with hot code?!?!? oh and who got poo bombed?

2016-06-14 10:02:24

We really need a stronger name for the best stream by paradox. Just sayin.

2016-06-14 11:06:44

The only stream on twitch that features not 1, but 2 seductions of popes! Beat that E3!

2016-06-21 09:31:33

1 million? Congrats!

2016-06-21 10:43:55

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